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Published:May 25th, 2009 14:21 EST
Adam Lambert Rules The Internet

Adam Lambert Rules The Internet

By Robert Paul Reyes

This is the age of the Internet , and an individual`s impact on society can be measured by his online presence. Kris Allen won the American Idol competition, but the runner-up Adam Lambert dwarfs the winner online.

If you google "Kris Allen you will get 9,580,000 hits -- please keep in mind that it`s not an uncommon name and that the total includes many other individuals named Kris Allen. If you google "Adam Lambert" you will get 15 million hits, and the charismatic singer`s surname is much more unique.

On eBay Lambert blows away all of his American Idol rivals, you can buy everything from a lock of Lambert`s hair to an Adam Lambert ravioli.

Kris Allen is a talented singer and a charming young man, but he can`t compete with Lambertmania. Allen will enjoy success as a recording artist, but Lambert is destined for superstardom.

I will pass on the Lambert dolls and T-Shirts, but when his CD hits the stores I will be the first in line.

America may not have been ready for a flamboyant (not that there is anything wrong with that) American Idol, but music lovers don`t care about an artist`s gender orientation and we will make Lambert the biggest music star in the nation.