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Published:May 25th, 2009 15:33 EST
Will Susan Boyle Win "Britain's Got Talent"?

Will Susan Boyle Win "Britain's Got Talent"?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Singing sensation Susan Boyle wowed Britain in her latest appearance Sunday on the U.K. reality TV show "Britain`s Got Talent."

The 47-year-old church volunteer performed a version of the number "Memory" from the hit musical "Cats" to a rapt audience during the semi-finals of the show.

A confident Boyle was voted the viewers` favorite in a telephone poll, allowing her to sing in the show`s final next Saturday." ABCNews/AMMU KANNAMPILLY and LUCHINA FISHER

The new American Idol champ has been crowned, and millions of Idol fanatics are going through withdrawal. There`s a show that is just as exciting as American Idol, but unfortunately "Britain`s Got Talent" isn`t televised in this country. But there are many excerpts of the show available on YouTube, most prominent are those that feature Susan Boyle.

The frumpy, plain and quirky Susan Boyle is not your typical singing sensation, but in her own eccentric way she has as much charisma and personality as Adam Lambert. In fact, she`s an even bigger star than Lambert, her videos have been seen by over 100 million people.

Susan Boyle rocked the house Sunday night with her superb rendition of "Memory", anybody who didn`t shed a tear is not a human being.

The show`s final is next Saturday, and most people are expecting and hoping that the shy church volunteer will be the winner.

If Boyle wins it will be a victory for all those of us who are a little bit frumpy and unsophisticated. It`s a lot easier for us to identify with a Susan Boyle than with a Justin Timberlake or Mariah Carey.