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Published:May 26th, 2009 10:41 EST
Which American Idol Judge Should Be Fired?

Which American Idol Judge Should Be Fired?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Nearly 60 percent of voters want American Idol to dump Kara DioGuardi from the judges` table.

Though the newcomer has brought some credible music industry insight to the panel, 59 percent of voters would rather the show not renew DioGuardi`s one-season contract, arguing that four judges are too many." ADAM BRYANT/TV Guide

The focus should be on the performances of the contestants, and not on the snarky comments of the judges. Four judges are too many, but Kara should not be the one to leave.

Kara has the whole package: She`s a singer, music industry insider, and she`s very attractive. The TV Guide survey must have been done before the American Idol finale, because anyone who saw Kara in a bikini would not want her to leave the building.

Kara`s hotness factor makes her untouchable, and of course Simon Cowell is American Idol.

That leaves Paula Abdul and the black guy. I honestly can`t remember the name of the African American judge, which just goes to show how easily he can be replaced.

Paula Abdul is a joke, but the show needs her for comic relief. After all the untalented contestants are booted after the first few weeks, Paula is the only one left to provide any laughs.

American Idol should kick Randy Jackson to the curb. I had to google the guy to remember his name. Boot the dawg!