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Published:May 28th, 2009 14:43 EST
Kate And Jon Gosselin Make Octomom Look Like Mother Teresa

Kate And Jon Gosselin Make Octomom Look Like Mother Teresa

By Robert Paul Reyes

         "Kate Gosselin`s brother and sister-in-law blasted the reality star and her  husband yesterday for messing with their kids` heads just to score ratings.

`They`re being exploited!` Jodi Kreider, said on CBS`s `The Early Show.`

`And it`s time for America to see the situation for what it really is, which is, unfortunately, there are no laws protecting children in reality-TV shows.`",2933,522498,00.html

The Octomom, Nadya Suleman, has correctly been depicted in the media as a horrible monster who is exploiting her litter for fame and fortune. Very few people would argue with my description of Octomom as a selfish and self-centered publicity seeker who isn`t qualified to take care of a goldfish, let alone 14 young children.

But Jon and Kate Gosselin make the Octomom look like Mother Teresa, and until recently they have received no criticism from the public or the press.

Kate and Jon and their eight kids are the stars of he hit TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight", now in it`s 5th season. For years this horrible couple has exploited their children`s traumas, large and small, for money and ratings.

It is nothing short of child abuse to subject your young children to the glare of the media. It`s hard enough growing up in this crazy world, I can only image how difficult it is for the kids to grow up with a camera following them everywhere.

Kate and Jon have melted under the pressure, there are rumors flying all over the Internet about their marital infidelities. First it was Jon who was suspected of cheating, now Kate is suspected of fooling around with the family`s bodyguard. TLC has incorporated Jon & Kate`s alleged infidelities into the storyline of the reality series, they have hired a marriage counselor who will featured on the show.

If the adults have wilted under the pressure of living a fishbowl existence, what about the poor kids? TLC should hire a psychiatrist for each child, or better yet for the sake of the children they should cancel the show.

I`m glad Kate Gosselin`s family is speaking out about the psychological abuse the innocents are suffering. It`s time that the press and the public correctly depicted Kate and Jon Gosselin as inhumane monsters.