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Published:May 29th, 2009 16:19 EST
"Paris, Not France" Documentary About Paris Hilton Is A Joke

"Paris, Not France" Documentary About Paris Hilton Is A Joke

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Paris Hilton wants the world to understand that her life isn`t the picture perfect, fairy tale upon which a good deal of her notoriety is based, so she`s filmed a documentary entitled Paris, Not France to shed light on the trials and tribulations of her privileged existence.

So far the unfortunately, unimaginatively titled vanity project has screened at the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals, but seems to be eliciting very little buzz, good or bad, as a result of either debut despite some of the more humorous revelation it contains."
Every masochist who attends a screening of the pop diva`s documentary should be issued a barf bag. Any film critic forced to watch this abomination should be handsomely compensated by his employer.

I haven`t seen Hilton`s documentary, and I have no intentions of subjecting myself to such torture. But if Hilton`s film is as unimaginative as its title, it`s destined to become one of the biggest bombs of all time.

The words Paris Hilton and documentary are incongruous; shouldn`t it be Hilton starring in a comedy or a horror flick? Hilton doesn`t have the gravitas to be the subject of a documentary. The trials and tribulations of an heiress aren`t that compelling. How is it going to make me a better person by learning how the pop tart deals with such adversities as breaking a nail or losing a sex tape?

I doubt if this contemptible work will be widely distributed, but if it`s ever released on DVD for God`s sake don`t waste your hard-earned cash on this travesty.