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Published:May 31st, 2009 13:40 EST
American Idol's Adam Lambert Wants To Perform With Madonna

American Idol's Adam Lambert Wants To Perform With Madonna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"`I really want to work with Madonna,` the American Idol runner up told OK! magazine (US) edition.

`It doesn`t seem a likely pairing, maybe, but I just think that she is so creative and has such vision.`"

The Press Association

Some folks may think it is a bit presumptuous for Adam Lambert to express a desire to perform with the musical legend, but I think it`s a terrific idea.

Madonna sold out every venue in her most recent tour, but the pop diva hasn`t made a splash in the charts in years. A Madonna/Lambert collaboration would introduce the Material Girl to a new generation of fans, and she might finally have a hit in the pop charts again.

Performing with Madonna would give Lambert instant credibility, and it would be a cool way for Madonna to give her blessings to the up-and-coming new King of Pop.

In a few years every major star will be clamoring to duet with Lambert, Madonna has always been ahead of the curve and I wouldn`t be surprised if she records a single with the American Idol runner-up.