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Published:June 1st, 2009 13:32 EST
Bruno Humiliates Eminem At MTV Movie Awards Show

Bruno Humiliates Eminem At MTV Movie Awards Show

By Robert Paul Reyes

The purpose of the MTV Movie Awards is not to reward cinematic excellence, it`s an excuse to stage outrageous pranks. A few years ago Triumph The Insult Comic Dog had an infamous run-in with Eminem at the awards show, and once again the rapper was the victim of a prank.

Sacha Baron Cohen was in the house to promote his new movie "Bruno" in which he plays a g*y Austrian fashion designer. The outrageous comic dressed as his alter-ego Bruno was soaring on wires across the air above the bemused MTV audience. Bruno, in his giant angelic wings and silver jock strap zeroed in on Eminem, twisting and turning until his naked butt landed smack in the white rapper`s face.

Eminem reacted angrily, cursing and storming out of the building with MTV cameras in tow.

Some people think that Eminem was in on the joke, but he`s not that good of an actor. No rapper worth his salt would agree to be humiliated on national TV. Eminem`s street cred has been blown to smithereens, and the only way he can get it back is buy single-handedly attacking a police station.

Eminem inviscerates his fellow celebrities in his videos, it`s about time he got some of his own medicine. Eminem has written many songs with homophobic lyrics, it`s poetic justice that Cohen`s g*y alter-ego Bruno landed on his lap.

Cohen is bound to profit from prank, I predict that his movie will open #1 at the box office. But this prank may very well destroy Eminem`s career, he has been humiliated beyond salvation. When you`re a rapper it`s all about being gangsta, and needless to say it ain`t very gangsta for a guy dressed as an angel and wearing a jock strap to land on your face.

Eminem MTV awards!!!!(GETS TEABAGGED)