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Published:June 3rd, 2009 14:13 EST
It's An Outrage That The History Channel Broadcasts "UFO Hunters"

It's An Outrage That The History Channel Broadcasts "UFO Hunters"

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to UFO Magazine, `There is no official word yet, but there is a chance that UFO Hunters may be canceled and not return for season 4.` In response to concerns of cancellation, UFO Hunters fans have been signing an online petition to urge the History Channel to keep the show. The fans do not want UFO Hunters to end up in the same `black hole` where other popular thought-provoking programs have met an untimely death."

I should start my own petition to urge the History Channel to cancel UFO Hunters. This ridiculous program is as thought-provoking as a Britney Spears song. Not even light can escape a black hole, that`s a perfect place for UFO Hunters.

Why does the History Channel broadcast UFO Hunters, shouldn`t this inane program about grown men chasing imaginary objects be aired on the Sci-Fi Channel?

Some folks might find it amusing to witness UFO Hunters make a case for the reality of UFO`s from dubious photographs and unreliable witnesses, but it has nothing to do with history.

The History Channel has a great lineup: Band of Brothers, Cities of the Underworld, Dark Ages, Digging for the Truth, Stealing Lincoln`s Body, to name a few. Including UFO Hunters in this sterling lineup makes about as much sense as The Disney Channel added Playboy After Dark to their schedule.

I plead with all my readers to call send an email to the History Channel, and demand that UFO Hunters not be renewed for a 4th season.