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Published:June 6th, 2009 15:12 EST
Train Wreck Amy Winehouse Wants A Black Baby

Train Wreck Amy Winehouse Wants A Black Baby

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A British journalist recently spent time with Winehouse on the island, where the British singer had quite a few interesting things to say, all the while covered in what appeared to be self-inflicted cuts and burns. According to the source, she also began drinking at nine in the morning.

Asked about her relationship with husband Blake Fielder-Civil, who now has a baby with another woman, Winehouse says she and her troubled other half are `still in love.`

And with what can only be called the quote of the year, Winehouse added in reference to the child her hubby fathered with his gal pal from rehab, `I couldn`t`t have given him kids - and anyway I want black kids, not white kids.`"

If Amy Winehouse got up at nine in the morning to work on her new album, that would be a good sign that the troubled singer was finally turning her life around. Unfortunately, the Rehab singer is spending her time on the island of St. Lucia drinking and carousing instead of working in the studio.

If a decadent celebrity wants to waste her money drinking the days and nights away in a tropical island, that`s her prerogative. But it`s Amy`s studio that is paying the bills for her hotel suites, studio time and everything else.

It`s hard to feel sympathy for a spoiled and jaded celebrity who has no respect for herself, her fans, or anyone else. Winehouse is such a train wreck that one day she might be sporting self-inflicted cuts on her wrists.

What is it with twits like Madonna and Angelina Jolie adopting African babies? There are plenty of babies in America (black and white) that need to be adopted into loving homes.

I pray that Amy Winehouse will never adopt a baby, she is too wasted to raise a hamster let alone a baby. I wouldn`t even trust Amy with a Barbie doll, she would probably yank off the doll`s head and use it as a bong to smoke weed.