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Published:June 9th, 2009 15:34 EST
American Idol Star Adam Lambert: I'm Proud To Be Gay

American Idol Star Adam Lambert: I'm Proud To Be Gay

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For months, Adam Lambert has kept fans questioning his sexuality.

But that all ends in the next issue of Rolling Stone, where the "American Idol" runner-up opens up and finally reveals he`s gay.

"I don`t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I`m gay," Lambert says.

`I`m proud of my sexuality,` the rocker adds. `I embrace it. It`s just another part of me.`"

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I am "shocked, shocked, shocked" to find out that Adam Lambert is gay. Only the following headlines would have been more shocking:

*Oprah Winfrey declares her love for bon bons

*Britney Spears confesses she never wears panties

*Amy Winehouse to enter rehab again

*Snoop Dogg admits he`s a stoner

I admire Adam Lambert because he came out of the closet at the beginning of what promises to be a magnificent career. For Adam being honest with hi mself and his legion of fans is more important than any negative impact his announcement may have.

I don`t think Lambert is going to suffer any negative repercussions for proudly admitting that he`s a homosexual. The vast majority of pop music fans don`t care about an artist`s sexual orientation, they`re interesting only in hearing great music.

Most celebrities who have come out of the closet have done so at the end of their careers. Better late than never, but when a VIP comes out of the closet at the height of his career it has much more impact.

Adam Lambert is a good role model for everyone (gay and straight), he`s teaching us that we should be proud of who we are. Adam will be an inspiration to gay and lesbian youth who face bullying because of their sexual orientation.

Now that Lambert has said that he`s gay, we can concentrate on his tremendous talent. I hope that the next time the Rolling Stone interviews Lambert, the major topic of discussion will be his album or concert tour.