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Published:June 13th, 2009 18:29 EST
Paris Hilton Kicks Doug Reinhardt To The Curb

Paris Hilton Kicks Doug Reinhardt To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Paris Hilton`s break-up with Doug Reinhardt was a messy affair -- the hotel heiress reportedly pelted ice and fruit at a girl she found flirting with her lover just hours before dumping him.

Hilton and `The Hills` star began dating last year, and despite announcing that he was her `future husband,` the socialite publicly dumped Reinhardt through her publicist on Wednesday.

And the hotel heiress made sure their break-up was one to remember. She stormed into Los Angeles` Darkroom bar on Tuesday night and attacked beauty queen Kendhal Beal with snacks, according to the New York Post`s PageSix."

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Realty shows attract desperate nobodies and D-list celebrities; any relationship between reality show losers is doomed to fail. I`m only surprised that the Hilton/Reinhardt affair lasted more than a few weeks.

Kendhal Beal is lucky Paris Hilton pelted her with snacks instead of reaching inside her purse for ammunition. It`s better to be pelted with ice and fruit, rather than with condoms, sex toys and heaven only knows what else.

I have no sympathy for Doug Reinhardt, any dude stupid enough to have anything to do with Paris Hilton deserves to be publicly dumped by the pop tart`s publicist.