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Published:June 15th, 2009 14:11 EST
Roman Catholics In Poland To Boycott Madonna's Concert

Roman Catholics In Poland To Boycott Madonna's Concert

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Religious leaders have called for a boycott of a Madonna concert after branding it `sacrilege`.

The star is due to appear in Poland on August 15, which Roman Catholic leaders celebrate as a holy day.

The gig clashes with the Catholic Church`s day of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary where they worship the original Madonna.

Local MP Marian Brudzinski said: `Madonna cannot sing on this holy day and we are calling for a moral stand in Warsaw.`"

Poland is a devoutly Roman Catholic country, and having the crass and lewd ageing pop diva perform in Warsaw would be like a porn movie screening in Tehran.

I`m not a Roman Catholic and it`s not the sacrilegious aspect of Madonna`s performance that bothers me, it`s the spectacle of a leotard-clad 50-year-old woman writhing and moaning on stage like she`s a nubile young hottie.

The good people of Poland are outraged at the prospect of Madonna singing on a day that honors the Blessed Virgin Mary. I`m outraged that Madge hasn`t canceled her concert tour, so she can stay home and bond with the African baby girl she just adopted.

Everyone should join the Polish Roman Catholics in boycotting Madonna`s concert tour. If Madonna spends millions buying an African baby, the least she can is stay home for a few months and take care of the baby.