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Published:June 17th, 2009 14:15 EST
Did Lindsay Lohan Steal Expensive Diamonds?

Did Lindsay Lohan Steal Expensive Diamonds?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Poor, troubled Lindsay Lohan, she can`t seem to catch a break (or maybe she`s not really trying?). Anyway, there was a shocking jewelry theft at a London photo shoot a few weeks ago - $400,000 worth of diamonds - and some observers seem to think Linds had something to do with it. Why? Well, because she was there.

But there were reportedly 20 other people there, you say, so isn`t it a little unfair to simply point the finger at a struggling straight-to-cable film actress?
Yes and No. Yes, because, sure, anyone could have snatched the jewels. No, because this isn`t the first time Lohan has been at the center of such nefarious accusations."

If a crime occurs and Lindsay Lohan was anywhere near the crime scene -- she`s the culprit. If an expensive fur coat is missing at a night club where Linds is in attendance, police round up the usual suspect: Lohan.

Lohan has had a series of car accidents, and she`s had several stints in rehab. By her own admission she is addicted to drugs and alcohol. Lohan has been previously accused of stealing a fur coat, but the matter was settled privately without the involvement of law enforcement officials. My point is that Lindsay Lohan is a one woman crime wave, and you don`t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out she stole the diamonds.

The missing jewels were loaned to Elle magazine for a Lohan photo shoot. You don`t cast pearls before swine and you don`t let a skank borrow expensive jewels.

The pop tart asked Elle magazine personnel several times if she could keep the jewelry. You tell me, is Lohan guilty as sin, or what?