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Published:June 17th, 2009 12:47 EST
Lindsay Lohan Posts Scary Skinny Topless Pic On Twitter

Lindsay Lohan Posts Scary Skinny Topless Pic On Twitter

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan`s behavior continues to spiral downward as the actress has been placed in more and more compromising positions, the latest of which is completely her own doing.

On Tuesday, Lohan sent a scary skinny topless photo of herself to her Twitter followers with the caption `OLD PHOTOS. I`m THAT bored.`" FoxNews.Com

It`s selfish and self-centered people who frequently get bored, most of us are too busy tending to the needs of our loved ones to experience ennui.

When Lindsay Lohan isn`t the center of attention, she gets listless and chances are pretty good she will do something outrageous.

Most bimbo celebs surreptitiously release risque photos of themselves, but Lohan was so desperate for attention she posted a topless picture of herself on Twitter. Lohan isn`t doing her Twitter followers any favors, the topless pic of the anorexic actress has all the sex appeal of a wet mop.

If I posted nude images of myself when I got bored, i would lose the few Twitter followers that I have. My Twitter fans should be grateful that when I get bored, I just write another essay.

Lindsay Lohan`s skanky friends should entertain the pop diva when she gets bored. The twittering class would be most grateful; I don`t know if Twitter can survive another topless pic of the skeletal actress.