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Published:June 20th, 2009 17:31 EST
Beyonce Knowles Out Of Control In London

Beyonce Knowles Out Of Control In London

By Robert Paul Reyes


Beyonce Knowles took a 14-meter car ride from her London hotel to a shop. The `Single Ladies` singer took two chauffeur driven vehicles containing her team and bodyguards, trailed by paparazzi, on a car journey from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel - located in the exclusive Knightsbridge area of the U.K. capital - to the Harvey Nicholls department store located opposite.

Beyonce reportedly demanded on being driven because she didn`t want to walk in her high heels.

After being escorted around the designer store for just 20 minutes she took her car back to her hotel.

Beyonce is famous for two things: Having a bootylicious butt, and being married to a thug rapper. She has no discernable talent as a singer, dancer or actress. Watching Beyonce dance is akin to torture, she flails her arms and twitches her legs likes she`s undergoing electroshock therapy.

Beyonce isn`t exactly an intellectual giant, but even she should have been able to figure out that she could have put on some sensible shoes and walked the few steps to the shop.

Beyonce`s diva antics are harmful to the environment, and a disgrace to her fans. I call upon people who are environmentally aware to boycott this no-talent bimbo.