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Published:June 26th, 2009 14:42 EST
America Mourns The Death Of Michael Jackson The King Of Pop

America Mourns The Death Of Michael Jackson The King Of Pop

By Robert Paul Reyes

The death of the Prince of Pop has generated thousands of newspaper articles, millions of blogs and non-stop coverage on the all news cable networks.

The passing away of the international superstar has inspired the saturation type of coverage reserved for the death of kings, presidents and religious leaders.

At my place of employment when we found out about the death of Michael Jackson, work came to a abrupt halt. I imagine the same scenario played out in offices, bars and meeting places throughout the world.

Jackson was arguably the most famous entertainer in the world, but why did his death touch us so deeply?

America has lost faith in religious leaders and politicians. It seems like almost on a monthly basis another politician is embroiled in scandal, the latest of course is South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford.

In post-Christian America very few people (including evangelicals) really believe in a god, and televangelists are good only for comic relief. Evangelicals may profess to believe in a deity, and they may proclaim that the Bible is the inspired Word of the Almighty. But they are indistinguishable from most Americans who worship only money and pop culture.

Celebrities are the icons that we worship, and it`s difficult for them to let us down because we expect them to act outrageously. I`m not outraged that Britney Spears has a penchant for flashing her nether regions, I`m disappointed she`s let a few weeks go by without performing her patented stunt.

Michael Jackson had many eccentricities and the allegations of child molestation were extremely troubling, nevertheless he touched our lives in a very real way. Everybody has a favorite Jackson video, and a favorite Jackson song. From the 70s to the 90s Jackson dominated the pop charts, his music is the soundtrack of our lives. "I`ll be there" by the Jackson Five was the first song I ever danced to, and when I hear his other hits on the radio they bring back memories of happy times in my life.

We mourn the passing away of Jackson because when the King of Pop died, a part of us died as well. Michael Jackson the man is gone, but the Prince of Pop is immortal. He has left us a treasure trove of great songs that will live forever. Even now as I pen this essay, I`m listening to "Rock With You."