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Published:June 29th, 2009 12:23 EST
Perez Hilton Ridicules Michael Jackson

Perez Hilton Ridicules Michael Jackson

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Perez Hilton`s coverage of Michael Jackson`s death has brought the celebrity blogger more attention - but not because he broke any news.

The gossip hound is being slammed from all corners for dismissing the initial word on Thursday that Jackson had been rushed to the hospital, calling it a publicity stunt.

`Supposedly, the singer went into cardiac arrest ...` Hilton wrote in his blog, before stating, `We are dubious!!`

`Either he`s lying or making himself sick,` the blog continued. Then it urged those who had purchased tickets for Jackson`s series of concerts in London to `get your money back!`

The post included a picture of Jackson with the hand-scrawled headline: `Heart attack or cold feet?`"
Fox News

Perez Hilton needs controversy like a fly needs to feast on crap. Most folks first became aware of this drama queen when he asked Miss California Carrie Prejean her views on same-sex marriage. When the Prejean controversy was finally dying down, Perez provoked a physical altercation with Will i. am and his entourage.

Now the flamboyant gossip queen has really crossed the line with his despicable comments about the death of the King of Pop.

Perez Hilton is the last person in the world who should accuse anyone of manufacturing a publicity stunt. Everything about Hilton is a publicity stunt, from his strange moniker to his outrageous attire.

Speaking of his silly pseudonym, I wonder if Hilton is ashamed of his Cuban heritage. Why doesn`t he use his real name: Mario Armando Lavandeira. I would never in million years consider changing my Hispanic surname "Reyes" to something more Anglo sounding.

I deplore egotists like Hilton who enjoy employing the Royal "we." Only the Queen of England and people with split personalities can get away with using the Royal "we". Sorry Lavandeira, but being an obnoxious queen doesn`t entitle you to use the Royal "we."

During his life Michael Jackson was always surrounded by enablers and leeches who sucked the King of Pop dry. Now in death parasites like Perez are trying to make a name for themselves by condemning the King of Pop.