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Published:July 1st, 2009 15:19 EST
Fans Heartbroken Over Death Of King Of Pop

Fans Heartbroken Over Death Of King Of Pop

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The man behind the world`s biggest online Michael Jackson fan club has said heartbroken followers of the star have committed suicide because of his death.

Gary Taylor, president and owner of, said he understood the tragedies had mostly taken place outside of the UK but he believed one may have been British."

Michael Jackson`s palpable joy at being on stage singing and dancing was contagious -- the King of Pop always left his fans deliriously happy.

But the private Michael Jackson struggled with many personal demons, his relatively short life was full of pain and misery. It can be argued that Jackson committed slow suicide by poisoning his body with a plethora of narcotics and other prescription drugs.

Michael Jackson has passed away and he is no longer in pain, and there`s no reason why his fans should be feeling suicidal. We all grieve the loss of the greatest entertainer in history, but let`s remember his life-affirming music full of joy, hope and love.

I urge all of Jackson`s fans who are feeling low, to play one of his CD`s. How can you not feel joyful when listening to "We are the World" or `Rock With You"?