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Published:July 5th, 2009 12:31 EST
Madonna Pays Tribute To King Of Pop

Madonna Pays Tribute To King Of Pop

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna paid tribute to Michael Jackson on Saturday night in the same arena where he was to stage his comeback, dancing along with an impersonator doing Jackson`s distinctive moves.

Jackson, who died last week, was to begin a series of 50 concerts at the 23,000-seat O2 starting July 13. NARDINE SAAD/ The Associated Press

Madonna still sells out concerts all over the world, but she was at the height of her fame in the 1980s when Michael Jackson was also ruling the pop charts.

Perhaps only a pop icon like Madonna can fully understand the tremendous pressures of being an internationally beloved entertainer.

Madonna isn`t adverse to publicity stunts, but I believe that her homage to the King of Pop was sincere. When you think of Madonna words like "gaudy" and "outrageous" come to mind, but by all accounts Madonna`s tribute to Michael Jackson was in good taste.

Madonna may be older than dirt, but girlfriend can still dance. Madonna`s fans in London got a real treating watching their beloved diva dance along with a Michael Jackson impersonator. That spectacle was worth the price of admission!