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Published:July 8th, 2009 15:43 EST
Michael Jackson Image Appears On Tree Stump

Michael Jackson Image Appears On Tree Stump

By Robert Paul Reyes


"People have claimed to see the image of Jesus in everything from a Cheeto to a piece of toast. Now a California man says a knot in a tree stump resembles the image of Michael Jackson.

Felix Garcia of Stockton, Calif., said he first noticed the image last Thursday while working in his yard.

Crowds have started to gather near the home to get a glimpse of the image."

America is a post-Christian nation, and it was inevitable that people would see images of celebrities, and not Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

Michael Jackson impacted our lives more than Jesus or any of the saints, it`s understandable that folks with a spiritual bent would see visions of the King of Pop.

Garcia claims to have noticed the image of Michael Jackson while working in his yard. But he probably said to himself "that tree stump sure looks like the King of Pop", while trying to decide which bills he could skip paying this month.

Let me go out on a limb, and predict that the Michael Jackson tree stump will soon be up for action on eBay.

Folks will soon claim to see the image of Jackson on everything from a Doritos chip to a rotten banana.