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Published:July 8th, 2009 10:52 EST
Michael Jackson's Memorial Service: Worthy Of Saturation Coverage

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service: Worthy Of Saturation Coverage

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A giant audience formed for Michael Jackson`s memorial service, as millions gathered in public, in front of televisions and at computer screens to experience the mourning of the celebrated pop star.

Chants of `Michael! Michael!` rang out in Harlem, where about 1,000 gathered to watch the memorial service on a giant screen live from Los Angeles` Staples Center.

A steady stream of fans - wearing Jackson T-shirts and listening to hits like `Billie Jean` - visited the singer`s boyhood home in Gary, Ind." The Associated Press

Some say that the wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson`s death by the TV networks, cable news channels and Web sites is unwarranted.

But sometimes it`s not the elite who decides what specific news story is of monumental significance. The millions of Michael Jackson`s fans who downloaded his singles and albums, and watched his iconic videos on YouTube have spoken. The hundreds of millions of fans who watched his memorial service all over the world have registered their sentiments.

Racists and snobs may decry the media`s saturation coverage of Michael Jackson`s timeless life and untimely death. But the King of Pop was simply the greatest entertainer in history, and the media would be remiss if they didn`t properly chronicle this important story.

Today millions of people gathered in front of their TVs, computers and giant outdoor screens to watch Michael Jackson`s memorial service. Many of the millions who watched the homage to the King of Pop can`t speak English, but music is the universal language.

Jackson healed the world through his music and his generous giving to several charities. Today the world paid tribute to this humanitarian, entertainer, dancer, and businessman who is arguably the most famous person in the world.

The elite may grumble and complain that Jackson`s memorial service exceeded the audience of historically important events like President Barack Obama`s January inauguration, but in the end it`s the people who decide what`s important. And the people have spoken: Long Live The King of Pop!