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Published:July 12th, 2009 13:48 EST
Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Tribute To Michael Jackson

Lindsay Lohan's Twitter Tribute To Michael Jackson

By Robert Paul Reyes

Lindsay Lohan`s all about the Jacko tributes, memorializing the King of Pop by coping some of his signature looks.

On Saturday, LiLo posted a s*xy picture to her Twitter account showing the `Mean Girls` star in her undies while wearing a Jacksonesque hat pulled over her eyes.

`MJ was playing when this was taken, I`m not much of a narcissist, ` Lohan tweeted."

Linsay Lohan doesn`t look very much like Michael Jackson, but I`m not going to complain any time the pop tart poses in her underwear.

I hope Lohan has a camera handy the next time she hears a Britney Spears song on the radio, hopefully it will inspire her to post an even s*xier pic on Tweeter as a tribute to Spears.

Lohan`s s*xy MJ pose isn`t going to inspire the King of Pop`s fans to buy his albums, but it should motivate many dudes to get with the program and join Tweeter.

Thank goodness the pop diva didn`t record a tribute album to the King of Pop, that would have been an insult to the memory of Michael Jackson.

I hope Lindsay Lohan keeps posting pics of herself on Tweeter, she may not be much of an actress or singer, but she`s a hot Tweeter babe.