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Published:July 13th, 2009 18:17 EST
Russell Brand Doesn't Want To Hook Up With Lindsay Lohan

Russell Brand Doesn't Want To Hook Up With Lindsay Lohan

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Renowned ladies` man Russell Brand has done the unthinkable - turned down the advances of a woman - Lindsay Lohan.

The champion swordsman was apparently at P Diddy`s July 4 party in Beverly Hills last weekend when bisexual actress Li-Lo, who is in an on-off relationship with DJ Sam Ronson, is said to have made her lustful feelings known."

Russell Brand may be a Casanova, but he`s also an accomplished comedian, actor, columnist and radio host. It`s amazing that Brand has any time for the ladies, he certainly doesn`t want to waste his time with a loser like Lindsay Lohan. Brand has had issues with addiction, he recognizes Lohan as a drug-addled train wreck.

Poor Lohan is striking out with men and women, maybe the pop tart should turn celibate until she manages to give up drugs and alcohol.

I wish Lohan would expend as much time and energy trying to find a movie project as she does trying to hook up with someone - anyone. Lohan is a good actress, and if she turns over a new leaf the world can be hers.