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Published:July 19th, 2009 10:18 EST
Octomom Update: Octoghost, Octokid Goes Bonkers And More Drama

Octomom Update: Octoghost, Octokid Goes Bonkers And More Drama

By Robert Paul Reyes

Nadya Suleman hasn`t been in the news recently, are we to assume that we the help of two nannies everything is copacetic in the Octomom household?

Yeah right, and Lindsay Lohan has given up booze, and Rosie O`Donnell looks great in a string bikini. It`s only because the death of Michael Jackson has dominated the news that we`ve missed hearing about the latest shenanigans going on in Octomom`s house.

"One of Suleman`s toddler, Caleb, ingested some liquid from his brother`s volcano kit and was rushed to St. Jude`s hospital for care. It turned out that the liquid was mostly salt water and the child was safe to go home. Suleman called 911 just to be safe. You can also call Poison control - 1-800-222-1222 and they are helpful in assistance.

Suleman thinks that a child ghost is in her La Habra home, she thought that she heard the ghost say mommy and the house is cold. The room that she thinks is haunted was to be the nannies room, but reports say that it is being used to store toys. She doesn`t want to believe in ghosts and is praying that whatever it is will leave.

Another report, by the National Enquirer suggested that one of Suleman`s children attacked Grandma with a steak knife but no injuries occurred."

Is anyone surprised that of of the Octokids swallowed liquid from his brother`s volcano kit, and another one tried to kill Octograndma? Heaven only knows how many similar incidents haven`t been uncovered by the press.

In a couple of years the Octokid will have progressed from building a volcano to constructing a dirty bomb, and Octograndma will have given up the ghost from all the stress.

As if there weren`t enough kids in Octomom`s house, now she claims that there`s a Octoghost child haunting her house. The Octoghost kid she heard crying is probably one of her own kids who was locked in a freezer by one of his siblings or maybe by one of the nannies. Hell, if I had 14 toddlers running all over the place, they`d be locked up in a closet or the basement.

When Octomom`s reality show begins filming the producers won`t have to stage any wacky and entertaining incidents, there`s plenty of goofiness occurring in her crib on a daily basis.

Octomom`s reality show will be as entertaining as hell, too bad that her kids are as miserable as hell living in her dysfunctional home.