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Published:July 24th, 2009 18:44 EST
Is Lindsay Lohan A Genius?

Is Lindsay Lohan A Genius?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"MOTHER of actress Lindsay Lohan, Dina, says the troubled star is a `genius`, media reported on Wednesday.

The Mean Girls actress has been praised for her intellect and ambition by her mother.

`She`s a genius and has such a good heart. Lindsay will direct one day. She loves directing!` Mrs Lohan said."

I have a sister who calls everyone a genius. If you can solve a Rubik`s Cube, prepare your own tax returns, or program a VCR, she will pronounce you a genius. Needless to say when she declared one of my essays a work of genius, I took her compliment with a grain of salt.

If Stephen Hawkins described Lindsay Lohan as a genius, I might be impressed. But when Dina Lohan who failed miserably as a mother bestows the genius label on her wayward daughter, I can only laugh.

Lindsay Lohan a skank? Yes! Lindsay Lohan a train wreck? Yes! Lindsay Lohan a genius? No Way!

Before Lohan even starts fantasizing about directing, she should concentrate on learning her craft. When Lohan learns how to be a responsible actress who doesn`t show up to the set late, she can then start aiming a little higher.