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Published:July 25th, 2009 18:42 EST
Would You Buy An Amy Winehouse Perfume?

Would You Buy An Amy Winehouse Perfume?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Amy Winehouse may launch a fragrance as part of her image makeover, because who wouldn`t want to smell like hair spray, ciggies, and Camden Lock?"

Amy Winehouse is a musical genius and I might consider buying her albums, but I would never purchase tickets to watch her perform. Winehouse is such a drug-addled train wreck that chances are that she will be too intoxicated to remember the lyric to her songs.

I admire Amy Winehouse the singer, but I wouldn`t want anything to do with Amy Winehouse the person. I sure as hell wouldn`t want to smell like her. What is her fragrance going to be named: Essence of Crack? If a fool wants to stink like Winehouse she can save herself the $50 bucks or so that a bottle of her perfume will sell for, and smoke cigarettes, forego taking baths, and sleep with a different guy every night.

Winehouse doesn`t need any more revenue streams so she continue to indulge in her dissolute lifestyle. Don`t enable the drug-addicted mess: Boycott her perfume!