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Published:July 27th, 2009 09:57 EST
Did Michael Jackson Name His Daughter After Paris Hilton?

Did Michael Jackson Name His Daughter After Paris Hilton?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Socialite Paris Hilton has claimed that the late `King of Pop` Michael Jackson named his daughter after her.

The 28-year old hotel heiress claimed that her mother Kathy and Jackson were childhood friends and the `Thriller` hitmaker had asked her mother if he could name his daughter Paris."

Mario Armando Lavandeira changed his name to Perez Hilton in homage to the vacuous celeb. That makes perfect sense because the blogger`s forte is savagely criticizing clueless entertainers like Paris Hilton.

But it would make no sense for Michael Jackson to name his lovely daughter after a skanky talentless publicity hog.

Paris Hilton can`t make news by releasing a good record or turning in a noteworthy performance in a movie -- she is reduced to making this outrageous and unsubstantiated claim.

Poor Paris Jackson has to endure all the publicity surrounding the death of her famous father; she doesn`t need the stigma of being named after the most dim-witted celeb in history.