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Published:July 30th, 2009 18:53 EST
Joan Rivers Drops F-bomb On Live TV. Can't Take A Joke!

Joan Rivers Drops F-bomb On Live TV. Can't Take A Joke!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"She (Joan Rivers) was live on `Good Day Sacramento` when one of the reporters, laughingly, cracked a joke about Melissa Rivers riding her mom`s coattails.

Totally appropriate, given that Rivers was there to talk up her new reality TV show called "How`d You Get So Rich?"
Ha ha, funny.

Only Joan didn`t laugh - and let the F-bomb fly, cutting short the interview." Lisa Gutierrez/KansasCity.Com

Joan Rivers is so old and plastic surgeons have stretched her face so tight, I`m surprised the old broad can still talk. After an interview the comedian has to rest her big mouth for the rest of the day.

Joan Rivers made her comedic reputation by savagely criticizing celebrities and people in the news. The woman can`t take a harmless joke at the expense of her daughter? The KansasCity.Com reporter kindly states that Rivers "got her undies in a twist". Let`s face the facts: Rivers doesn`t wear panties, not even granny panties. Rivers buys Depends by the pallet at Costco.

The Sacramento reporters were upset when Rivers dropped the F-bomb, but they should be grateful the constipated old lady didn`t drop the other F-bomb: Flatulence bomb.

I hope I didn`t offend my ever patient readers, but I thought I would give Rivers a dose of her own medicine.