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Published:July 31st, 2009 19:47 EST
Katherine Jackson Wins Custody Of Michael  Jackson's Children

Katherine Jackson Wins Custody Of Michael Jackson's Children

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Michael Jackson`s mother will get custody of the late pop star`s three children after reaching an agreement with his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, avoiding a custody battle only days before a court hearing on the matter."

This was the best possible outcome: Matriarch Katherine Jackson gets custody of the kids, and Debbie Rowe gets visitation rights, but not an additional red cent. Rowe squeezed millions out of the King of Pop when he was alive, she didn`t need any more money.

A psychiatrist has been appointed to help the children adjust to the presence of Debbie Rowe in their lives. She has been an absent mother, and the kids don`t know her from a hole in the ground.

Michael Jackson`s children are still grieving over the death of their father, I`m glad this contentious issue has been put to rest. The Jackson children should be allowed to grieve in private in a non-stressful environment.

Now if only the Jackson clan could agree on where to bury the remains of the King of Pop.