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Published:August 10th, 2009 16:27 EST
Coast to Coast AM:  Exploring the Unknown

Coast to Coast AM: Exploring the Unknown

By Mark Frederic Jennings

     After several encounters with the paranormal, which you can read about in some of my other submissions to this wonderful website if you wish, I was very hungry to learn more about the world of the unknown and the unseen.

      But back then, the mid `80s or so, information about the supernatural was hard to come by. And sure today, with the Internet and hundreds of cable channels and books out the wazoo on all the many and incredibly interesting sub-topics in this fun field readily available, "Exploring the Unknown," as the title of this piece suggests, is easier than ever.

     But still, for my money, that process of peering into the darkness doesn`t get any better than on, "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory," a late-night am radio talk show that for four hours nightly, seven nights a week, does just that with interviews and expose`s, tales and testomonials, recordings and even interactive exercises with experts, authors, practicioners and participants in any and all forms of paranormal phenomena one can think of. From Astral Projection to Zombies and everything in between, UFOs, Ghosts, Shadow People, Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Remote Viewers, Near Death Experiences, Time Travel... and on and on, on Coast to Coast AM you can hear and learn about them all.

      And best of all you don`t have to do a thing. Well, almost. You do have to find a station on which this program plays. But at over 500 affiliates and growing, last time I checked anyway, that won`t be hard.

      You can even do it like I did if you want, some twelve or thirteen years ago, when while vacation in the state of Maine and staying in a log cabin I scanned the radio dial late one sleepless night and heard for the first time the greatest voice to ever grace the airwaves, Art Bell, who is also the founder and creator of Coast to Coast, which at that time was called, "The Art Bell Show."

     But that night when I first found the show, Art was doing an episode on Bigfoot, and listening to it there in that log cabin in Maine, needless to say, I was hooked. And since then, even though Art has retired, George Noory has done a really good job taking over as host, and the exploration of the unkown. He has continued without missing a beat. And if that`s where you want to go, you may be happy to learn you don`t have to find a log cabin in Maine to do it in. Just find Coast to Coast AM on your local station, turn out the lights in your own bedroom, and let the journey begin. Bon Voyage.