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Published:August 13th, 2009 12:24 EST
Would You Buy A Madonna Barbie Doll For Your Innocent Daughter?

Would You Buy A Madonna Barbie Doll For Your Innocent Daughter?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Barbie maker Mattel turned down Madonna`s idea of creating a Madonna Barbie to celebrate Madge`s great contribution to pop culture and music.

According to the source, the company`s polite "no thanks" infuriated Madonna especially if take into account that Victoria`s Secret pregnant angel Heidi Klum got her Barbie a little bit more than a month ago as a part of Mattel`s Blonde Ambition Collection.

The Globe reports the reason for turning down Madonna was her super sexualized image, controversial deeds and several run-ins with the Catholic Church. Mattel simply doesn`t want to be associated with all that."

Madonna is an iconic performer who has inspired generations of young women to "express themselves". The Material Girl has made a profound contribution to pop culture and music.

Madonna deserves all the awards that she has accumulated in her long and illustrious career, but one honor she doesn`t deserve is a Barbie doll modeled after her.

Madonna`s music, marketing strategy and personal life is sex-saturated. A realistic Madonna Barbie doll who have to be anatomically-correct, and it would be too outrageous to be sold anywhere but in a sex shop.

The UK publication "The Times" has commented that, `Madonna, whether you like or not, started a revolution amongst women in music. She made the female body seem more like a machine with cravings, rather than a Barbie doll.`

I don`t understand why Madonna wants her own Barbie doll, she is the antithesis of what Barbie represents.

Madonna is considering launching her own doll collection in competition with Barbie. Madonna should market her own doll, complete with accessories like whips, handcuffs and sex toys. But Madonna`s doll wouldn`t be in competition with Barbie, her doll would appeal to a completely different demographic.

The day a young girl plays with any doll made to resemble Madonna, is the day that I don a white robe, climb the world`s highest peak, and wait for the return of the Messiah.