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Published:August 20th, 2009 13:56 EST
Who The Heck Is Gonna Watch The Jackson Brothers' Reality Series?

Who The Heck Is Gonna Watch The Jackson Brothers' Reality Series?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Before Michael Jackson died, his brothers filmed a one-hour pilot for A&E that was supposed to include a reunion performance with Michael. But he never agreed to it, didn`t do it, and died before it could be discussed again.

But sources say that A&E will go forward with a series of further episodes that will chronicle the Jackson brothers` lives and show them grappling with Michael`s death."

Andy Warhol`s famous phrase that "in the future everybody would be world-famous for 15 minutes", should be updated to: In the future everybody will have their own reality show.

There are a gazillion and one broadcast, cable and satellite stations, and there are a gazillion and one desperate souls willing to act the fool before a national audience.

The only one of Michael Jackson`s brother who had any measure of success as a solo artist was Jermaine. The rest of Michael`s brothers are as noteworthy as the Pips who sang backup for Gladys Knight. I don`t even remember their names, except for Tito.

Nobody gives a flying fig about the Jackson brothers, their reality show is going to bomb. I have more important concerns than how Tito is dealing with the death of his world-famous brother.

The Jacksons need to find a less unsavory way of cashing in on the death of their brother.

I will boycott A & E for for unleashing this abomination on the American public. Shame on A & E!