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Published:August 29th, 2009 11:05 EST
DJ AM Dies In Ratty Sweatpants & Clutching Crack Pipe

DJ AM Dies In Ratty Sweatpants & Clutching Crack Pipe

By Robert Paul Reyes


"DJ AM, a high-profile disc jockey who was as famous for his much-chronicled relationships as he was for his creative scratching and mixing on the celebrity club circuit, was found dead on Friday evening in his apartment in Manhattan, the police said.

The police said his body was found in his seventh-floor apartment in SoHo about 5:30 p.m. after friends had tried unsuccessfully to reach him for days. The chief police spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said the police did not suspect foul play. ANAHAD O`CONNOR/The New York Times

DJ AM cheated death nearly a year ago when he survived a plane crash that killed two crew members and two passengers. In several interviews DJ AM has admitted to taking illicit drugs and drinking heavily -- the plane crash should have served as a wake-up call.

But the young fool themselves into thinking that they are indestructible, and DJ AM continued to use drugs after his life was miraculously spared.

Goldstein was discovered face-down in his bed wearing only ratty sweat pants, with a crack pipe and bottles of prescription drugs. You don`t have to be a detective or a coroner to figure out that DJ AM died from a drug overdose.

Many stars deal with the pressures of fame by drinking and taking drugs, they all pay a heavy price for their addictions, and some pay the ultimate price: Death.

The list of rock stars who have died from drug overdoses is too long to mention, Michael Jackson and DJ AM are only the latest.

I hope the deaths of Michael Jackson and DJ AM serve as a cautionary tale to their fans: Don`t do drugs!