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Published:December 12th, 2009 13:49 EST
Is Madonna A Devil Worshipper?

Is Madonna A Devil Worshipper?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna wrapped up her world tour with two shows in Tel Aviv, but while the pop star received thunderous cheers from her Israeli public, wrapping herself in an Israeli flag at the end of both shows was a move that raised the ire of Palestinians and their supporters."

Madonna wrapping herself in an Israeli flag wasn`t a political statement on the Israeli/Palestinian conundrum, it was simply a case of an entertainer pandering to her audience. It`s no different than a rock star donning a New York Yankees jersey when he plays a gig at Madison Square Garden.

Madonna knows very little about Judaism or Jewish history, she`s into Kabbalah because Kabbalah bracelets are so cool.

Some Palestinians were so outraged by Madonna`s stunt that they called her a devil worshipper. I don`t often side with the Palestininas, but I agree that Madonna worships the devil.

Only the Evil One could inspire a 51-year old woman to don skin-tight lavender leotards, and writhe on stage like she`s still 21. Google "Madonna`s hands" and tell me her hands aren`t devilish!

Madonna may be a disciple of Satan, but girlfriend rocks and I love her music.

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