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Published:September 6th, 2009 20:55 EST
Fans Don't Care That Lady Gaga May Be A Man

Fans Don't Care That Lady Gaga May Be A Man

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga`s single `Poker Face` is the most downloaded song in Britain in the five years since download charts were first compiled, the Official UK Charts Company said Sunday.

Digital sales now make up 98 percent of the singles market.

The New York singer, 23, known for her outlandish dress sense, topped the all-time chart, with US band Kings of Leon also among the most downloaded artists.

`Poker Face` notched up 779,000 sales on downloads, while `Just Dance`, her first single release in Britain, came third in the chart with 700,000 sales."

Some of my older readers may not know Lady Gaga from Justin Timberlake, and if the Internet rumors are true and Lady Gaga is a man, there may not be too much difference between those two superstars.

The rumor that Lady Gaga is either a man or a hermaphrodite, isn`t hurting sales of her CD`s and downloads.

Some of my older readers may not know a download from a hole in the ground. They better get down with the digital revolution, because CD`s may soon be found only in speciality stores.

Congratulation to Lady Gaga on her accomplishment, may he/she have many more hits.