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Published:September 7th, 2009 16:54 EST
Lady Gaga Collaborates With Michael Bolton

Lady Gaga Collaborates With Michael Bolton

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady GaGa continues to live up to her name with news of yet more unpredictable behaviour. This time she`s planning to hook up with king of crooners Michael Bolton.

GaGa is currently working with him, writing songs for his new album One World One Love."

Do a Google image search of "Lady Gaga bulge" and you will see dozens of pics showing "Lady" Gaga with a prominent bulge in her crotch area. It seems to me that the lady is no lady.

Lady Gaga`s fans, most of whom are gay, don`t care if she`s a male, female or an alien from Uranus. The Lady Gaga gender controversy hasn`t hurt the sales of her CD`s and concert tickets.

But can the controversial singer survive a collaboration with Michael Bolton? Lady Gaga is cutting edge, and Michael Bolton is the very epitome of middle-of-the-road blandness and conformity. What will Lady Gaga`s hip fans think of this strange partnership?

If Lady Gaga can survive her artistic relationship with Michael Bolton, then there is nothing that can derail her career.