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Published:September 7th, 2009 12:33 EST

Susan Boyle Channels Madonna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna is amongst the acts Susan Boyle has covered on her upcoming debut album, it has been revealed.

The `Britain`s Got Talent` runner-up has been working on the material that will feature on `I Dreamed A Dream` in recent months.

She is said to have included the pop superstar`s 1995 track `You`ll See` because it is a personal favourite, a source explained."

Susan Boyle came into international public attention earlier this year after she appeared as a contestant on "Britain`s Got Talent."

Boyle has the voice of an angel, but she doesn`t have the glamorous look of a celeb. It will be a challenge to turn the frumpy 48-year-old spinster into a star.

"You`ll See" is a beautiful song and it was tailor-made for Boyle; I predict it will be a hit. There`s nothing wrong with Boyle channeling Madonna, as long as she doesn`t don lavender leotards and writhes on stage.

Boyle actually looks better than the 51-year-old Material Girl -- have you taken a gander at Madonna`s ghastly arms? If Madonna can still be considered a sex symbol, there`s hope for Boyle.

Speculation about Lady Gaga`s gender has done wonders for her career. Maybe Susan Boyle can spread rumors that she`s really a man.