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Published:September 7th, 2009 12:33 EST
Susan Boyle Channels Madonna

Susan Boyle Channels Madonna

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Madonna is amongst the acts Susan Boyle has covered on her upcoming debut album, it has been revealed.

The `Britain`s Got Talent` runner-up has been working on the material that will feature on `I Dreamed A Dream` in recent months.

She is said to have included the pop superstar`s 1995 track `You`ll See` because it is a personal favourite, a source explained."

Susan Boyle came into international public attention earlier this year after she appeared as a contestant on "Britain`s Got Talent."

Boyle has the voice of an angel, but she doesn`t have the glamorous look of a celeb. It will be a challenge to turn the frumpy 48-year-old spinster into a star.

"You`ll See" is a beautiful song and it was tailor-made for Boyle; I predict it will be a hit. There`s nothing wrong with Boyle channeling Madonna, as long as she doesn`t don lavender leotards and writhes on stage.

Boyle actually looks better than the 51-year-old Material Girl -- have you taken a gander at Madonna`s ghastly arms? If Madonna can still be considered a sex symbol, there`s hope for Boyle.

Speculation about Lady Gaga`s gender has done wonders for her career. Maybe Susan Boyle can spread rumors that she`s really a man.