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Published:September 9th, 2009 12:41 EST
Lady Gaga Can't Shake Rumors She's A Man

Lady Gaga Can't Shake Rumors She's A Man

By Robert Paul Reyes

Recently Lady Gaga was interviewed by an Australian radio station, and the conversation quickly turned to the rumor that she`s a man or a hermaphrodite.

"`My beautiful vagina is very offended. I`m not offended; my vagina is offended,` she told the radio station. `I`m not embarrassed - I sold 4 million records in six months; I`m not embarrassed about anything.`

She went on to say that she thinks people started the rumor because of her strong persona and her overwhelming personality, but she didn`t seem to care all that much that people thought it to begin with. `I think more than anything, it`s society`s reaction to a strong woman,` she said. `The idea that we equate strength with men and a penis is a symbol of male strength, you know, it`s just what it is. But like I said, I`m not offended at all, but my vagina might be a little bit upset.`"

We`ll have to take Lady Gaga`s word that her vagina is beautiful, in fact we`ll have to take her word that she even has a vagina.

The rumors didn`t start because Lady Gaga has a strong persona, they started because of more obvious reasons. If Lady Gaga didn`t dress like a drag queen on crack, maybe these rumors wouldn`t be all over the Internet.

Lady Gaga is confusing controversy, arrogance and skankiness with strength and character. Making outrageous comments, and dressing like a ho*ker doesn`t make her a strong person, it simply reveals that she`s an insecure and clueless celeb who will do anything for fame.

If Lady Gaga went against the tide and dressed modestly, and relied only on her music and talent, that would be a real example of a strong woman.

Lady Gaga, we don`t hate you because you are a "strong woman", we can`t stand you because you are just another freakish celeb.