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Published:November 7th, 2009 10:00 EST
"The Cunning Mr. Wright"

"The Cunning Mr. Wright"

By Ray Downs



It was 5:00pm. Friday and darkness was rapidly descending on the Northwest Florida town of Crestview. The air was much cooler now and the days were much shorter as Mid-December pushed the warmth of the North Florida climate into a new season, a season much too pleasant to be working Jim Wright thought. Jim was winding up his workday, in fact his work week at his Security Guard position with Adams Security Service. He had a job that most would view as totally boring, but Jim was the lazy sort so it suited him just fine.


One thing and only one thing was on his mind from the time he punched in at 8: am. and stayed on his mind all day until he punched out. That was Clock Watching. "  In the morning he could hardly wait until noon so he could break for lunch. The afternoons his mind was occupied with longing for five PM, quitting time! The days seemed so long to Jim having really not much to do in the first place, but clock watching made things seem much worse because it made his days drag on and on. His entire day consisted of walking up and down seemingly endless hallways of a huge building that warehoused Government Electronic Parts for NASA, making sure that all was secure. It was by far the largest building in Okaloosa County Florida sitting on twenty acres of land in a very remote area off Hiway 90 east toward Tallahassee. The ground floor of the building alone must have covered four acres. The emptiness was enough to be more than a bit haunting.


 Jim often thought to himself that there was no way that this building is only housing electronic parts. As big as it is he was sure it could stock every electronic part in the world. Actually, the only thing that Jim ever saw were the hallways, virtually all the doors inside were locked with electronic security locks that would keep the Marine Corps out!


Most days he would not see a single soul from the time he arrived until the time he left. Jim often thought that it was mighty strange that NASA never needed a single part from the inventory that was warehoused at this facility, but not even once has anyone ever come by to enter the warehouses. Not a lunch truck, not a vendor, nobody.


That is of course with one exception, his manager Walden Reed (Jim called him Warden Reed) who was there for the first hour or less a couple of days a week. Usually he would only show up on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays he was only there for a short time, probably not more than ten minutes to pick up time cards, Jim`s and the two dopey bastards, as Jim called them Reggie Parks the N*gger and the huge Indian dude Marvin Rainwater that were his relief for the other two shifts. There were two other dudes that worked weekends that Jim rarely saw, but they were both N*ggers and Jim was extremely prejudice so he didn`t care to know them. The mid-night shifts on Saturday and Sunday were left open. Actually, Adams Security Service was looking for someone part time to fill those slots. Jim told Mr. Reed that he might have someone to fill that vacancy; I`ll let you know on Monday he told his boss.


 Seeing his boss on Fridays was not so bad at all because that`s the day he would give Jim his paycheck. The job was good for him because it allowed for him to sit around and spend his time doing things that could not even remotely be mistaken as WORK. Things like, bring girls to work with him and party all afternoon. Watch the portable TV that he stole from his grandmother one day when he went to try and tap some money from her and found her taking a nap. So like any good grandson he used the opportunity to rummage through her purse and relieve her of what money he could find. Besides the Portable TV that he decided was of better use to him than a lonely old lady, he also stole his late photographer grandfathers 35mm. Cannon Professional Portrait Camera worth in excess of $2.500.00, which Jim promptly sold for $25.00 to purchase four Darvon pills to get high.


On the days that his manager was not there at all he could even catch a little sleep, in fact a lot of sleep. 


But it was now five PM. and Jim had better get moving toward home if he was going to keep his date with Cheryl Martin at 8:00pm.

 Cheryl Martin was by far the prettiest as well as the sexiest girl in Crestview, Florida. At least in Jim`s eyes!


 He was sure that Cheryl felt the same way about him! In fact, Jim felt pretty sure that all the girls in the town of Crestview found him quite desirable. How could they resist, He knew he had no equals to compete with him as far as looks, intelligence, strength, hell in everything!


Time to get going, it`s getting late. He wasn`t going to give Adams Security Service " one minute of his time that he wasn`t getting paid for. His stupid ass manager Warden " Reed had the balls to tell him that he should be happy to work a couple minutes over now and then. Then he goes on about how lucky he is to have a job with benefits. A retirement program, paid hospitalization and paid vacations.


Jim always felt that that was so damn bogus, just because he was late to work a few times on Monday`s after having a kick ass good time weekend. So what? One lousy hour, ONE LOUSY HOUR!!! Do you believe that? That`s the most that he had ever been late! And old man Reed the Warden had the balls to b*tch. For a pathetic twelve ninety per hour they expect a hell of a lot.


 Anyway, Fridays were always Jim`s favorite day of the week. Off for the next two days and not having to do dumb ass things that that asshole manager at work expects him to do. No boring ass walking up and down those freaking halls. No writing a bunch of crap down in his logbook that he had to fill out once an hour on the job. Yeah, Jim loves Fridays all right! Not only is Friday the one night of the week that he was sure to get laid, but he would also score a few of Stewart Duckworth`s grandmother`s pain pills.


They were for Arthritis or some other old fart`s disease. They were pretty cool though, they gave him a good buzz. They`re called Oxicontin 40mg, whatever the hell 40mg stands for. Up until a couple of months or so ago, Jim was able to score pills from his grandmothers` medicine cabinet as well. Hell, he didn`t even know what they were but they put him on a fantastic high. He couldn`t get enough of them. He didn`t need any other pills; these alone were all he needed.


 But grandma, the rotten little b*tch got wise to what he was doing and switched pills from a different bottle. They looked identical. The new medicine however was an extremely potent Prescription Laxative used for old farts for the day before anal or Colon Surgery to clean them out. He got real sick and had the sh*ts for three weeks. He lost thirty seven pounds off his already slim frame in that same time period. He looked like a dead man for a while. Really, he looked very much like an AIDS patient. He wanted to kill the shriveled up rotten little b*tch.


He couldn`t get anything from his own medicine cabinet any more, as he told his pal Duckworth, my looser old man is dead so no more of stealing his heart medicine. And my old lady is too damn healthy! "


With any luck the old battle-ax will get cancer or something requiring her to have to take something strong, like morphine. As it is, the strongest thing the old pain in the ass takes is a generic of Darvocet ", for back and leg pain, which ain`t sh*t!


You have to take six or eight pills to get any buzz at all. But hey, they`re better than nothing I guess. The old lady thinks they are all right though.

She really b*tches when he takes them, she cries and gets all emotional and tells him that she needs them so she can continue to work to support them since his father died from a heart attack last year. And of course Jim`s contribution to the household amounted to exactly zero. His mother told him that he was just like his father, a taker.


She gives him this sh*t, Jimmy, oh please Jimmy don`t take my medicine, they`ll harm you, and besides I need them for pain! " Sometimes the pain is unbearable Jimmy, I really need them.


 Yeah well, I need them too Jim said! To hell with her! "


 Jim never considered himself as a drug addict though, after all, the pills he was taking were simply pain pills for an old lady that probably didn`t need them anyway! At least that`s what his friend Duckworth had told him that his grandmother was always in so much pain anyway, she wouldn`t know the difference. Besides, Stew took them all the time and his grandmother never said a word about missing any pills to his mom.


 Jim had been feeling excited all day today thanks to Cheryl. Four nights ago he had asked her the most important question that he would ever ask her. Knowing that her mother was a cancer patient he asked her to get some of her mother`s pills as well.


 He was only getting a few lousy pills a week from Duckworth, and the stuff he stole from his mom. That little bit just wasn`t doing it for him. Hell, a lot of the other guy`s were taking a lot more pills than he was. No way could anyone accuse Jim of being a drug addict! Not with the few pills he was taking.


Jim knew when he asked Cheryl to steal some of her mother`s drugs that she would not deny his wishes, she would be happy to do anything to please her man. He was certain that she for sure did not want to do anything stupid like telling him no and risk losing him! After all, he only asked her to get him couple of lousy pills a day. That was nothing! If she truly loved him he was convinced she would do it!


 In fact, when he asked her to steal drugs for him he put things on the line with her, that if she did not do this for him, he would start seeing other girls! " He was sure that would get her.


 Cheryl was jealous and Jim knew that she was damn lucky to have a cool guy like him as her boyfriend.


To be able to brag to all her friends that she was going with Jim Wright. That alone should have really made her proud as well as popular.


Her mother`s drugs are really great too. He knew they would be, because she has cancer real bad and Cheryl said that the only time her mother was at peace at all and not screaming in pain was just after she took her pills. Man, that`s so cool he thought, because they give me such a great high "!


At first Cheryl got nervous when Jim asked her to steal her mother`s pills, she told him Oh my mother really needs her medicine baby, to relieve her pain " Jim shouted loudly his reply, Bullsh*t, BULLSHI*T and don`t call me Baby when you are defying me b*tch! "


She`s going to die anyway damn it, so don`t give me that bullsh*t excuse. I just can`t accept that garbage! I won`t accept it! Finally Cheryl agreed while crying and afraid to lose her Jimmy.


Anyway, Jim was replacing the pills that Cheryl stole for him with others that looked identical. They were only placebos, but they looked exactly like the morphine tablets that she had been giving him. Even down to the markings on each side of the pill. Visually, they were a perfect match. The guy that sold them to him told him that not even a Pharmacist could tell the difference by appearance alone.


Cheryl was afraid of what would happen when her mother took one of the placebos and got no relief from her excruciating pain. Jim simply said, F*ck her, she`ll die that much quicker and be relieved of pain permanently, you`re doing her a favor.


It was almost 6:30pm. and Jim still had not arrived at home to get ready for his date. He ran into a bunch of guy`s he knew at Jerry`s

Drive Inn Restaurant across the street from his and Cheryl`s Friday night hangout, The Hilton Motel ". Not to be confused with the Hilton chain, this was more a great place to rent a room by the hour.


 Several of Jim`s acquaintances were at Jerry`s when he arrived; a few of them were his buddies. He stood out front for more than an hour bullsh*ting with Ora Davis, Ron Courtney and a couple of other dudes that Jim didn`t really know too well. He still had to get ready for tonight, eat take a bath and, oh the hell with her, if I`m a little late she can wait he thought. "


 Hey Ora asked Jim, how would you like a nice part time job dude with the company I work for? You only have to work two nights a week and the pay is not bad man, $240.00 a week for two night`s work that you can basically spend sleeping or just watch TV if you like. What two night`s man asked Ora? Saturday and Sunday, what`s the difference numb nuts? You need a job you told me right?


 Yeah, but working on Saturday night man, I don`t know. All right forget it, I`ll ask somebody else that`s not always drugged out and can count past ten. Ora replied, what do you mean always drugged out man, that ain`t so.


Then Ora asked, Hey Jim, you want to go camping with Courtney and me tonight out at Black River Park?


Camping? Yeah right, sleep under the stars getting eaten alive by freaking bugs. Screw that! I didn`t know you were the camping type Davis, but I guess sleeping with Bambi " is about as close as you`ll ever get to getting laid with no job or money that you didn`t bum off your friends!


 Screw you Jim, we`re not sleeping with bugs! Courtney`s old man is letting us use his Motor Home for the weekend, so we`re not really roughing it much. Have you ever seen that beauty man? It`s a 45-foot mansion on wheels dude. It has those slide out things man that turn it into damn near a full size house. I mean it has everything dude, air conditioning, hideaway TV that rises up from the foot of the bed in both bedrooms, all the comforts of home and then some. You ought to come along man, we`ll have a blast.


 No man, it`s Friday and I have a date with Cheryl tonight.


Bring her out to the camp site man, all the privacy you want, believe it or not dude this sucker is so big it has two full-size bedrooms, I can sleep on the couch said Davis.


 Then Ron Courtney spoke up, cool it Ora, don`t be inviting people to go with us, the Motor Home is not mine and my old man said that just you and I with our dates could use it. So stop inviting others to come along!


Okay dude, sorry. Got any papers Jim asked Davis? I got the grass man, just no papers he repeated.


No Jim replied, I ain`t got sh*t yet, but I will tonight!


In fact, tonight I`ll have all I need he bragged in a tone showing that he was somewhat more than excited ". Oh yeah, what are you going to have tonight inquired Ron Courtney?


Jim answered enthusiastically, in just about an hour dude I`m gonna have some of those beautiful little yellow`s called " OXYCONTIN " that Duckworth so happily gets for me, knowing that if he don`t I`ll kick his ass. But when I pick Cheryl up tonight for our date, I`m gonna have some great sh*t man! I mean GREAT SH*T. " Ora Davis spoke up and mumbled sounding like a drunk, ain`t nothin better than OXY`S dude. " Ron Courtney looked surprised and asked, where are you getting this great sh*t "?


And by the way, where are you going to get the bread to score what you call Great Sh*t " man when you still owe me fifty bucks from when you lied to me and told me your mother needed medicine?


 Because dude, Jim replied laughing, Cheryl is going to get it for me from her mom`s medicine cabinet, and don`t worry about your lousy fifty bucks man, you`ll get it! I`m just a little light this week.


 Cheryl has agreed to steal her mom`s medicine for you asked Ora? Hell yeah she has! All I have to do is snap my fingers man, and she does anything that I ask!


Ron Courtney just stood there glaring at Jim while the two drugies, Davis and Wright stood there jawing with each other about what each thought were the best drugs to score. Finally Courtney broke in, dudes, you are in serious denial, both of you. At least all you fool with Ora is Pot for the most part; I guess that`s not too bad.


Then turning directly to Jim Wright he said, but you, you pathetic piece of sh*t, you mean to tell us that you are getting drug`s from Cheryl Martin, the original miss goody two shoes "?


 (While holding two fingers up on each hand to indicate a quote), And you`re telling us that she is stealing her mother`s cancer medicine and letting her be in tremendous pain, just so you can get high? Is that what you are expecting us to believe? Jim took immediate offence at Courtney`s demeanor and attitude.


 What freaking denial?  And yeah, that`s exactly what I am telling you! So the f*ck what? The old broad is going to die anyway! So what`s the big f*cking deal?


Courtney again spoke, you are really a piece of sh*t Wright, and I mean a real lousy piece of sh*t!


I`m surprised Cheryl would even consider doing such an injustice to her mother or to anyone else for that matter. But especially for some punk ass druggy like you!


 I can`t believe that you actually have the balls to even tell anyone about your sick freaking method for getting drugs, but you Drug Addicts " are all alike living the motto, myself and myself alone! " You are pathetic continued Courtney as he turned to walk back toward his car, then pausing for a second he said, you know you two should start your own club and call it  DID " Drugies In Denial. "


At hearing what Ron Courtney had to say, Jim Wright was angered to the point of wanting to kill him. Not just figuratively, but to really kill him!

F*ck you Courtney; you`ll be real sorry for disrespecting me this way in front of my friends. Nobody talks to me like that and gets away with it! NOBODY!


Now laughing out loud Ron Courtney started to walk back toward Wright and replied, nobody here is your friend druggy! And nobody dis-respects you huh? Is that what you said? Truth is druggy; I seriously doubt that anyone in their right mind RESPECTS you at all! Name me one, just one thing about you that would cause anyone, even a homeless street bum to respect you, strongly emphasizing the word you.


You can`t because there is nothing about you to earn respect, from anyone! You say that nobody talks to you this way and gets away with it?  Just what are you going to do about it anyway? Go juice up and come back when your punk ass gets the nerve to get physical? Still chuckling Courtney continued, the only way that you could possibly get physical with me ass hole is if you got on your knees and gave me a Blowjob! Everyone in the crowd was now laughing at Wright, and that made Jim even angrier.


Wright just glared at Courtney as he returned to his car while Ora Davis was now laughing as well at how Courtney just shot Jim down in front of several of their friends. Davis was so high he didn`t realize that Courtney was calling him a druggy as well.


Finally Jim said; just remember what I just told you Courtney! Nobody disrespects me like you just did and gets away with it!


All the way home Jim was shaking with anger at all the things Ron Courtney had said to him. He`ll pay for that, I "ll make sure! Before the day ended Jim vowed he would take care of Ron Courtney.


And that f*cking little pr*ck Ora Davis laughing at me, he`s gonna pay too! Both of them! Ora Davis has the balls to laugh at me he thought, that drug addict son of a b*tch?


Drug Addict? " That`s what Courtney had called him a lousy f*cking Drug Addict!


What if Courtney and Davis started spreading that bullsh*t rumor around, that Jim Wright is a Punk Ass Drug Addict? Damn them! DAMN THEM! " He again vowed that before this day ends, they would pay for their dis-respect.


As the hours passed Jim could not get Courtney and Davis off of his mind and the disrespect they displayed toward him, he had never been that angry. I`ll get even with them, oh yes I`ll get even with them all right Jim kept thinking!


It was 9:52 PM before Jim finally arrived to pick Cheryl up. Instead of going to the door to call on her he sat in his convertible in front of her house blowing the horn for her to come out! That was Jim`s normal form of calling on someone for a date, just blow the car horn! This time however it was not going to work.


Cheryl`s father was back from a two-week business trip and witnessed Jim`s method of calling on his daughter. Being a pillar of the community, Greg Martin was very careful to not allow his children to associate with a bad element. Being a Christian man Mr. Martin as well as Mrs. Martin adhered strictly to Bible principles. They believed in the Apostle Paul`s words stated in First Corinthians in the New Testament that Bad associations spoil useful habits. "


Cheryl was on her way running to Jim`s car when her father began shouting for her to return back inside. I want to ask you something Cheryl, could you please come back in for a second he asked. Cheryl held up her thumb and index finger a quarter of an inch apart to Jim indicating just a second " as she returned to talk to her father.



 Once inside, her father, (normally a gentle man) asked her,


What is this "?


What is what, asked Cheryl?


What is this?


 You told me you had a date tonight with a young gentleman at 8pm. He`s nearly two hours late Cheryl, and then he has the nerve to just blow his horn for you to come running like a puppy dog?

If he can`t treat you like a lady, he`s certainly not welcome here.


Her father continued, look baby, I`m not trying to be difficult but it`s just that I would like to know who is taking my daughter out. I really don`t think it`s unreasonable that your mother and I meet the person you`re dating before we entrust your safety to him.


Look, if he is a good boy, and I`m sure he is, he`ll understand my feelings. In fact, I just bet he`ll agree with me one hundred percent. I`ll go out and speak to him now myself said her father while you wait inside. I`m sure everything will be fine and you two can be on your way.


 Please Daddy don`t do this! Jim gets real mad when, when " ". When what daughter?


 Oh never mind she said crying. Sit here a minute Cheryl, I`ll be right back! I`m sure you`re getting excited over nothing, he`ll understand, you`ll see.


Before Mr. Martin could reach for the doorknob to go outside, Jim began blowing the horn again, this time in an irritated manner about five times. While he was blowing the horn he was shouting obscenities as well. Come on god damn it Cheryl, I don`t have all f*cking night! "


Quiet that horn down son; you`ll have everyone in the neighborhood out here. And what kind of language is that anyway?


It`s English you dumb bastard. And I don`t want everyone in the neighborhood out here; I just want Cheryl, what the f*ck is keeping her screamed Jim? Stunned by the young man`s attitude and language, Greg Martin just stood there kind of dazed. Then he spoke:


Number one son, I am what`s keeping her and number two for your information she will not be coming out tonight or any other night with the likes of you!


 Jim glared at Mr. Martin chuckling and said, YOU? You`re keeping her from coming out?


Well as you say fat ass, number one for your information you old f*ck stick, I`m not your son. And number two, you best get your fat ass back inside and send her out here before I really get pissed and put a whipping on your fat ass in front of your family!


In the sixty years that Greg Martin had lived on this planet, no one had ever spoke to him in this manner. He never even heard this kind of language, even in the Air Force amongst the men during the Viet Nam war.


Greg Martin`s face was red with anger as he shouted; get off my property you imbecile! Go on; get moving before I call the police! No darn it, on second thought I`m going to call the police anyway right now. With that Greg Martin turned to walk back into his house.


You call the police fat ass go ahead! Then I`m gonna have to torch your f*cking house. Now quit f*cking around and tell Cheryl to get her sweet ass out here before I get bored and have to call something sweet from my little black book.


Or would you rather I give you that ass whipping that I promised you?


As sick as Mrs. Martin was she overheard the entire conversation from her upstairs bedroom window and began dialing 911 at the beginning of the altercation between her husband and this piece of garbage friend of Cheryl`s.


Less than ten minutes later an Okaloosa County Sheriff`s Deputy was pulling up behind Jim Wright`s vintage 1956 Chevrolet Convertible.


Immediately Greg Martin walked rapidly, almost jogging towards the patrol car anxious to tell the officer of the insulting manner that this piece of scum was displaying in his front yard.


The entire time that Greg Martin recapped the incident to the police officer, Jim stayed in his car listening very intently to their conversation without making any effort to leave and not saying a single word.


 After about ten minutes of conversation between the two men, the policeman and Mr. Martin, the patrolman told Greg Martin to go back into his house while he spoke with Mr. Wright. He said he would come to the door after he had questioned Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright indeed said Greg Martin to the Officer. How could you refer to that white trash as Mister? That boy is nothing more than a piece of pond scum.


Good evening sir the Policeman said as he approached Jim`s car. Nice car said the officer. Why thank you sir, I restored it myself. Please step out of it slowly, and then stand about fifteen feet from it by this tree. Jim immediately did as he was told.


After checking Jim`s License, Insurance and Registration and patting him down, the patrolman got into Jim`s car to do an interior check for drugs or anything illegal, like weapons etc. While the officer was standing there putting on a pair of rubber gloves before entering the vehicle, Jim Wright spoke up and said, please be careful officer, the carpet and upholstery are brand new and I wouldn`t want to get anything on them. I take good care of things that are mine. And this car is a classic. You understand, right sir? Absolutely, she`s a beauty; I`ll treat her with respect. Good enough answered Jim. In less than two minutes the Officer was finished checking the interior without really checking too far. He really didn`t think that this young man looked dangerous. Ouch " yelled the Officer as he was exiting the back seat. What in the world is that under my knee? Oh sorry sir, that`s my air pump. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and pumps the tires up if I am low on air. One of my tires needs a patch and I haven`t gotten around to fixing it yet, so I have been using that pump to prevent it from going completely flat. Wow, kneeling down on that with all my weight felt like a kick in the knee chuckled the officer stepping out of the convertible.


 He then told Jim to relax and asked him, so what`s your story son?

My story? Well sir, I don`t know what Mr. Martin said to you, but the way he hates me I can imagine that it was not complimentary Jim said with a slight chuckle. Well, you`re right about that young man.


 He claims that you threatened him bodily and used the foulest of language. He further claims that you told him that if he did not do as you say that you threatened to beat up on him and burn down his house.


 My goodness, I can`t believe that his hatred goes that deep for me. I thought that it was just going to be the usual, verbal abuse; verbal insults call me white trash because I don`t have money like he does. He verbally abuses me by referring to me as SCUM all the time. Even in front of other people. It embarrasses me real bad sir.


He has even done it to my friends, to the point of threatening two them. You see sir; uh I mean Sergeant Donaldson is it? I`m trying to read your shirt badge. Yes, Sergeant Donaldson is correct young man said the officer.


Anyway Sergeant Donaldson, Mr. Martin`s daughter Cheryl and I, well we`re sort of an item I guess you might say.


 And as sincere as my feelings are for Cheryl, her father just won`t allow someone like me " to be near her.


 What do you mean, Someone like you " asked the patrolman?

Well sir, I have always wanted to be a Police Officer and that is what I am working toward.


Right now I`m only a Security Guard. I know you real Police Officers think that we`re a joke, but I figure I have to start somewhere.


Nothing against the Sheriff`s Department sir, but I have always had my heart set on working for the City Police Department, you know, to be able to work around the folks that I grew up with.


 Just because I work for the County son, doesn`t mean I don`t have respect for City Police Departments. In fact, I have always considered the Crestview Police Department to be a fine organization answered Donaldson.


Great answered Wright as he went on, I read and study all of the Law Enforcement publications I can obtain sir.


I can`t really afford any classes at (OCC) Okaloosa Community College at my present salary and save for Cheryl`s and my future at the same time!

It`s hard out there sir, I mean between giving my mother most of my pay so we can survive at home. Now that my father is gone Jim said with a quivering voice as he wiped tears from his eyes with his forearm. Anyway sir I do the best I can by helping at home. But I also feel it`s my obligation to try and help my Church with the FEED THE CHILDREN " program.


And with Christmas coming up soon the TOYS FOR TOTS campaign needs my help again this year, I just can`t afford any college courses just yet!


Anyway, Mr. Martin has made it clear that he does not want anyone from his family involved with a Policeman.


 He says they`re all crooked and make their own laws and " well you understand. He just hates me because number one, I come from a hard working poor family and have no money to speak of and that he does not want his daughter associating with White Trash and someone that will eventually be a Policeman living on Blood Money " as he calls it.


Sir you just told me that Mr. Martin accuses me of foul language. Believe me Officer; I do not use foul language. My father bless his holy soul always told me that using foul language was, how did he put it? A Strong Way to Express a Weak Mind. " And I promise you sir, it`s not true. If he wants to press charges on me for slander or something, well I guess I can`t do anything about that. He knows that having an arrest record will prevent me from obtaining a job with a legitimate Police Department.


It`s unfortunate that hateful people like that can literally control our lives by making false accusations.


Even though he can`t prove my guilt, the charge would still go on my record as an arrest and prevent me from obtaining anything higher than a Security Guard position.  And as for threatening him physically, that`s ridicules. I wouldn`t hurt a fly, and he knows it. I detest violence!


Speaking of threatening, you mentioned that Mr. Martin threatened your friends? He sure did! How embarrassing that was when they told me about it. My good friends Ron Courtney and Ora Davis stopped by Mr. Martin`s house yesterday when he returned from his business trip to see if I was here.


He told them that scum like me would never be found at his house. And furthermore, he told them the next time they intrude on his privacy, he would shoot them both! I`ll put you both in the ground he told them! Imagine that! I`m sure he was just talking out of hatred, but I think he might be a little crazy threatening them like that said Jim.


Well I wouldn`t worry about anything son, I could tell by the way he was talking that he just didn`t like you. As you told me, he even referred to you as SCUM and White Trash to me. So, I believe you.


 It is a bit concerning though that he would go so far as to threaten the lives of your friends, I`m glad that you told me about that said Sergeant Donaldson, it`s possible that could turn out to be relevant.


He has however already advised me that he does intend to press charges on you for Defamation of Character ", but since there were no physical altercations he can`t charge you with anything physical.


But at the same time if things are as you say, and in light of my observations I certainly believe they are, you too have the right to file charges on him for Defamation of Character ", In fact, your case would be much stronger since you have a witness.


 A witness sir asked Jim? Sure, you have me! Remember? He referred to you as SCUM and White Trash while talking to me and in a hateful way. I "m sure he`ll change his tune when he finds out that you also have intentions of filing against him and that your case would be much stronger.

And besides that, you also could use your friends as witnesses as well since he threatened them.


 Wow, I really don`t want to cause Mr. Martin any trouble, deep inside he probably is a good man, even though he has a lot of hate built up inside. I don`t know, hate for police, hate for poor people and God knows what else said Jim. And the threats that he made on my friends, well I don`t really think he would shoot them, do you sir?


Sergeant Donaldson raised his eyebrows and said, you never know. Sometimes the least likely person in your mind to commit a crime, well let`s just say, You really never know. "


 Let me ask you something Mr. Wright, would you be willing to withdraw charges against Mr. Martin if he does the same? Well yes I would, I am not a hateful person Sergeant Donaldson!


I am a charitable person with the honest values that my parents instilled in me. I despise violence and wrongdoing.


That`s why I want to become a Police Officer, to fight that kind of society taking hold of our upcoming youth.


 I know that I am only 20 years old sir, but I feel I have a lot to offer young people. Young people that might have stumbled from the track leading to a productive life. To maybe try to steer them away from drugs and violence.


Yeah, I know, I can see it on your face Sergeant. You probably view me in the back of your mind as a little man with big dreams, but sometimes dreams do come true Sergeant Donaldson.


Indeed they do son! And quite to the contrary young man about the way I view you.


 I view you as somebody that will be a leader some day. I would be proud of you if I was Mr. Martin!


 There should be more young people like you around today; we would certainly have a much better community. Thank you sir, my boss and my pastor are always telling me that too.


 You go on ahead Mr. Wright, I`m positive that there will not be any charges!


 If there are it will be because you are the one pressing them. Jim then shook hands with Sergeant Donaldson and thanked him for being a reasonable man. One more thing Sergeant if I may? Absolutely, what is it son asked Donaldson? I would really like to file a Restraining Order " against Mr. Martin if it would be alright, you know, just so there are no misunderstandings at a later date.


And he did make threats to my friends that might also apply to me. You know, just to be on the safe side.


Very smart thinking young man, I`ll file it for you at the County Courthouse in the morning and have it sent to you tomorrow for your signature. It might also be a good idea for your friends to file a restraining order as well Jim. You never know, he may have been more serious about hurting them than you think. Jim now thinking in the back of his mind. ( Oh Mr. Martin has plans to do more than just hurt them, Yes his plans are far more serious than that ") Sergeant Donaldson continued: In fact you might want to try and find your friends right away in case Mr. Martin gets over angry that you are not being arrested as he intended for you to be. He may look for revenge. Probably not, just a precaution.


Oh I doubt it sir replied Jim, but I will tell my friends tomorrow of your advice.


I wouldn`t want anything to happen to Mr. Courtney and Mr. Davis because of me! Thank you so much Sergeant. Maybe you and I will work together some day uh?


Maybe, maybe we will. In fact, I will look forward to it Jim! Good luck son, if you need any help by way of recommendation or anything obtaining a Police job, feel free to call on me.


Jim got back in his car and pulled away from the curb.

Smiling inside, Jim was very pleased with himself as he waved goodbye to the Sergeant.


Now talking to himself after he was a safe enough distance away from the house, you are about the dumbest mother f*cker I have ever talked to Sergeant Ass Hole. " Then he laughed like he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.


He then said to his alter ego, Thank God for the stupidity of the modern day Police Officers. " Jim was whistling a happy tune while driving to the corner with a smile from ear to ear.


Seeing Jim Wright leaving without being detained infuriated Greg Martin. He told the officer that he wanted to press charges on him! Why in the world was he being allowed to leave? He had been glued to his living room window watching the whole time Wright was being questioned although he could not hear a word. Rushing to his front door Martin was thinking over and over, why in the world has that delinquent not been arrested? He opened the front door and walked out as fast as his feet would carry him shouting to Sergeant Donaldson walking up the entryway, why did you not arrest that scumbag? I told you that I wanted to press charges. "


Well Mr. Martin I`ll give you the reason if you will calm down. As it turns out sir you have very little evidence of any wrong doing on his part, only your word. Now I don`t mean to belittle your word sir, by no means am I doing that, but to tell you the truth he had more evidence to have you arrested than you had on him.


 What are you talking about screamed Greg Martin?


Evidence on me? Evidence on what charge? That I asked him to get off of my property?


When I spoke to him sir, I spoke with a very well mannered young man that was courteous with me, he spoke fairly well of you as a matter of fact, and truthfully sir, you were the irate one making the slanderous remarks. But thankfully he`s a kind and reasonable man and I have convinced him to not press charges on you.


 PRESS CHARGES ON ME? Are you crazy? He threatened my life! My property! And he was going to press charges on me? Yes sir, that`s the way it looks! By the way sir, he is filing a Restraining Order " against you since he feels threatened by you.


So you will have to control your movements around town. You know, Crestview being such a small town and all. Fact is, you may not go within a thousand feet of him once the order is filed. If you do, he certainly could have you arrested and you will have to go to jail.


Threatened by me? Are you insane? This is where our tax dollars go to ". to " do you guys put it? To Protect and Serve? Are you putting me on? Are we on Candid Camera or something? Do you people make up your own laws? I`m sorry for the anger officer, but I just can`t believe this is happening! This is just so outrages screamed Greg Martin. Someone comes to MY HOUSE and threatens me and MY PROPERTY, talks to me with the FILTHIEST MOUTH I have ever heard and insults my daughter with his remarks, and I am the one who is wrong! OUTRAGES! Totally Outrages!


Sergeant Donaldson just stood there listening and thinking to himself as he listened to Greg`s anger. There is no sense in trying to get Mr. Martin to not file charges with this attitude that he`s displaying. Mr. Martin is displaying just exactly the attitude that Mr. Wright had just talked about a few minutes ago, this man hates the Police! He may indeed be a violent person! "


Yeah well, before I leave you sir, just a word of advice said the Sergeant.


ADVICE? You`re going to give me advice screamed Martin?


What is the advice? That I should only call the Police when I wish to donate money to the Police Benevolent Society? Or maybe get rid of my Burglar Alarm System protecting my house since the police are on the side of the criminals anyway in Okaloosa County?


 I`ll not dignify those comments with an answer sir. My advice is simple, but from a man that is also a father Mr. Martin, not from a Policeman.


Just let go! "


 What? Just let go? What in God`s name are you talking about he asked obviously becoming even more irritated?


Just let go sir, you can`t live your daughter`s life for her! If she is in love with Mr. Wright, accept it! They`re young but not that young.


Accept him as your son in law, everyone would be much happier! He really does seem to be a fine young man Mr. Martin. As a matter of fact I firmly believe that he would be a good example for the entire community.


Jim drove to the corner still smiling, being pleased with his performance for the dumb ass cop as he made a left. Then in one block more another left, drove very slowly just one street behind Cheryl`s house and YES "there she is! Cheryl had gone out the back door and crossed her neighbor`s yard to catch Jim before he got too far.


Jim was certain that she would be there, it wasn`t preplanned, but Jim knew he had her that well trained that she would try and see him before he left the neighborhood. I`m so sorry baby she apologized for her father`s behavior.


I Hate Him, I hate him she cried for ruining my relationship with you Baby. Please don`t let my father stand between us, please! I`ll do anything you ask baby, anything!


 He really pissed me off disrespecting me that way said Jim, but don`t worry baby, I still love you!

Oh Jim you make me so happy when you say that! Here are the pills from my mothers` bottle that I promised you baby! Please don`t be angry with me because my father made you mad!


Father or no father Cheryl, if he ever talks down to me again with such disrespect I am going to be forced to mess him up answered Jim! If he gives me one more problem Cheryl I`ll do to him exactly what I told him I would do before that stupid ass cop showed up tonight and that is to whip his ass within an inch of his life.


If it wasn`t for the fact that he is your old man Cheryl, I`d kill that son of a b*tch right now, tonight!


Please forgive me? I don`t want to lose you baby because of my stupid father. Don`t worry, you`re not going to lose me as long as you continue to respect me, a woman has to know her place! I know baby, I know Cheryl answered!


Just meet me here in this same place at 8:pm. tomorrow night with more of your mothers` pills Jim ordered. We had better lay low for a while baby so your old man don`t piss me off and I have to hurt him. You had better get back home before they realize you`re gone Cheryl. As she turned to leave Jim said and Cheryl, I promise you baby, this time next week your old man will no longer be in a position to give either of us a problem.


Don`t kill him Jimmy, please don`t kill him!


Oh don`t worry baby, I didn`t mean that I was going to kill him. Actually, I have no intentions of touching him at all.


Promise asked Cheryl? "


Promise answered Jim. "


One very quick kiss goodnight and Cheryl was on her way back home without ever being detected as missing.


Dopey b*tch must really think I love her or something said Jim. Laughing he said, this dumb b*tch is probably the only person on earth dumber than that stupid ass cop Donaldson. Oh lookie here, lookie here Jim said. She was nice to me tonight; she brought me four pills instead of two! Oh baby, I take all those nasty things I said about you back Jim said as he was laughing uncontrollably.


Four beautiful morphine tablets, whoa, tonight will be a good night. He then carefully put on a pair of surgical gloves. He popped only one pill down while drinking a can of coke (he never drank alcohol, alcoholics disgusted him). He would take the other three pills after his late date that he had planned.


Making sure the surgical gloves were on properly, no wrinkles, he reached in his glove box to make sure that Cheryl`s father`s 357. Magnum that she stole for him two nights ago was still there. Yep, still there and loaded! Good thing for me that Sergeant Ass Hole is so stupid that he never opened my glove box and found the gun when he was searching for drugs. Jim chuckled, yeah, Sergeant Ass Hole, that`s a good name for that stupid ass Donaldson.


 Let`s see now I have to be careful to not smudge the fingerprints that are already on this pistol, and I certainly don`t want to add any more prints Jim chuckled. No No No! No mistakes tonight Jimmy boy he said with a near laugh in his voice. Well I guess I don`t have a date with pretty Miss. Cheryl tonight Jim chuckled.


That`s fine, just fine, I have another invitation though to go camping this evening in one of those big beautiful Motor Homes with a couple of really good friends of mine out at Black River Camp Ground. I had better go out there and protect them in case Mr. Martin gets so angry and looks for them to do harm. I also have to educate my good friends on how to display respect toward their fellow man. It seems that they have disrespect for their fellow man and have mistakenly labeled me " as a Drug Addict! "


Jim was driving very careful so as not to attract any attention to himself out on Old Black River Road. He certainly didn`t want to be seen in this part of town tonight. I am just too brilliant for these countrified James Bond wannabe`s that call themselves Law Enforcement he said out loud to himself. What a joke they are!


There will only be clues that will indicate old man Martin to the double homicide that is about to take place. And the best witness for the prosecution will be Sergeant Ass Hole himself. Especially after they find that dopey old bastard Martins gun at the scene. Laughing hysterically now Jim said to himself, We`ll just see how physical Courtney wants to get tonight. He`ll be pissing in his pants. " They`ll both wish they gave me some respect before they die.


 Let me see, let me see, according to my GPS I have about three more miles to go and I`ll be at the campground. Then Jim while laughing said, get ready boys, the party is almost ready to begin. Gee, I hope I don`t cause anyone to get any bloodstains in that Million Dollar Monster Home. I wouldn`t want to make old man Courtney mad or anything. I rather like the old man.

He`s not an ass hole like his son.


Jim continued muttering, I am going to make Courtney and Davis both sweat for a long time before ending it for them. Hey, that reminds me, I guess I won`t have to pay Courtney the fifty bucks I owe him. Again he was laughing loudly like a Hyena.


Less than a mile from the entrance to the campground Jim noticed an Okaloosa County Sheriffs Car sitting on the side of the road. Jim`s heart seemed to race to his throat for a second, then he thought, why am I worrying? They wouldn`t be looking for me for anything. Fact is, I haven`t done. ".. Oh sh*t, what the f*ck is this? He`s blue lighting me to pull over!


A loud speaker from the patrol car sounded after both vehicles stopped.


Instructions for Jim to step out of his vehicle with his hands behind his head, fingers clasped. Once out of his car, Jim noticed that there were two officers exiting the squad car with weapons in hand, one with a shotgun already aimed at him. Drop to your knees Mr. Wright keeping your fingers clasped behind your head. What the hell is going on asked Jim? I haven`t done anything.


Just then another Patrol Unit pulled up and out stepped Sergeant Donaldson. Jim smiled thinking that he was off the hook and lowered his hands to his side. The officer with the shotgun pumped it once and took aim at Jim`s head as he said put your hands back behind your head bright boy. Jim did as he was told then turned to Sergeant Donaldson. Oh thank god it`s you Sergeant, these officers are making a big mistake, aren`t they suppose to treat people with some amount of respect? I mean I haven`t done anything and their treating me like I`m a criminal or something. I might have been five miles over the speed limit but this treatment is a little extreme Sergeant Donaldson, don`t you think?


 Sergeant Donaldson ignored Jim as he opened the door to Jim`s car, which now had the convertible top up. He turned on his flashlight and flashed it in the back seat and immediately said to his fellow officers, Here it is! " He leaned down and picked up his Belt Mount Radio, put it close to his mouth and said:


 74 calling dispatch, do you read?


 Yeah Sergeant Ass Hole, we read, loud and clear!


Then laughter broke out from dispatch as well as the other two officers assisting in the other Patrol Car. The Sergeant then removed the pistol from the glove box in Jim`s car.


Jim`s heart was racing a mile a minute. Saying to himself under his breath, what is happening here, what the hell is happening here? He had tears in his eyes now, ready to break down and cry like a baby. How could they know anything? It isn`t possible, it`s just not possible. No one knew my plan, not even Cheryl.


Sergeant Donaldson walked over to Jim Wright, still on his knees on the stony terrain on the side of the road. You were right Jim, I was stupid, and you had me hook, line and sinker.


 You`re a very talented young man. I have no doubt that you could have made it as an actor and become one of the very best. But you have one problem that is your worst enemy tonight Jim, and that is that you are very Insecure and you are a Neurotic. Law Enforcement 101 Jim, Insecure and Neurotic people talk to themselves out loud to communicate with their alter ego. " Your own words are the prosecutions opening and closing statements. Yeah Jim, I was the fool and you made me look stupid all right.


 But the one thing that makes you a piece of scum as Mr. Martin has already pointed out, is that you are the most selfish, self centered individual that I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Oh, in case you`re wondering, I just left your two friends Mr. Courtney and Mr. Davis at their Motor Home to tip them off about your plans, you know just in case we did not find you in time on your way out here. Courtney was kind of hoping that you got through to the campground. I think that he wanted the pleasure of beating you half to death before turning you over to us. By this time tomorrow I`m sure they will broadcast what kind of a Punk Ass Druggy you really are to all of your acquaintances.


As a matter of fact I didn`t think about it before but you`ll even get a pretty good amount of space in tomorrow`s newspaper. Yeah Jim, you certainly out smarted me all right. But in prison you will have to be even smarter though to get, what was it that you crave so much? Oh yeah: Respect. "


Jim was now crying like a five year old that thought he saw a monster under his bed and crying for his mommy.


You know Jim; my wife is always telling me that I would lose my head if it was not attached! Bless her heart she is probably right. But losing and forgetting my radio in the back of your car tonight while doing an interior check was, well I guess you could call it a lifesaver for two young men. And real bad luck for you.


You see Jim the microphone key was pressed up against that air pump that you had lying on your back seat. Everything has been broadcasted and recorded at dispatch from my hand held radio. From your conversation with Cheryl to your conversation with yourself, and you my cunning my very cunning friend are going to prison for a very long time!


Jim was now just rocking back and forth on his side, no longer on his knees. He just kinda fell over on his side in the wet mud and gravel crying out loud like a baby.


The two other officers that stopped Jim now picked him up and put him in handcuffs and placed him in the back seat of their unit for transport to the county jail to await arraignment.


Sergeant Donaldson returned to his unit and called dispatch.


Unit 74


Go ahead 74


Arrest completed on James L. Wright

He`s now being transported to County:


10/4 74 anything else?


Yeah, requesting a phone patch

Go ahead 74, to what number Sergeant?


To Greg Martin`s residence, I have to get on my knees and make the apology of my life.