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Published:September 11th, 2009 10:23 EST
Ellen DeGeneres A Bad Fit For American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres A Bad Fit For American Idol

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The fourth seat has been filled.

A little more than a month after Paula Abdul tendered her high-profile Twitter resignation as a judge on `American Idol,` Fox announced Wednesday that she was being replaced by one of the show`s biggest fans, comedian and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres

The network`s five-year deal with DeGeneres puts to rest a major challenge facing Fox as the aging singing competition enters its ninth season in January: filling the shoes of the judge considered by many to be the heart of the show."

Where have you gone Paula Abdul? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Paula`s sweet soul tempered the acerbic wisecracks of Simon Cowell, and she`s sorely missed.

The producers of "American Idol" sought to replace the kind Paula with a celebrity with a reputation for being sweet-natured. On her talk show Ellen treats her guests with kindness and respect, but behind the veneer of civility lurks the cynicism and bitterness of a stand up comic.

Paula was frequently reduced to tears after hearing a soulful rendition by a contestant. Ellen would only be overcome with emotion if the ratings of her talk show tanked, or if her crazy ex-girlfriend Anne Heche tried to come back into her life.

The temptation will be too great for Ellen to joke around too much, in order to maintain her cred as a comedian. American Idol has been a huge success because the focus has been on the contestants, and not on the judges. Choosing a big celebrity as a judge is a mistake that the producers of American Idol will come to regret very quickly.

Ellen`s biggest qualification for her new gig is that she is a huge fan of American Idol. So freakin` what!! I`m a big fan of baseball, but that doesn`t mean I`m qualified to serve as an umpire.

Paula Abdul is quirky and goofy, but most of all sweet. Ellen Degeneres is awkward and smart, but most of all calculating. Ellen is a horrible fit for American Idol, and I won`t watch another episode until she is fired.