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Published:September 12th, 2009 16:21 EST
Madonna Blamed For Bulgarian Boat Disaster

Madonna Blamed For Bulgarian Boat Disaster

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Queen of Pop Madonna has been blamed for a boating accident that claimed 15 lives on September 5 in Bulgaria. Church officials, who insisted that Madge`s decision to perform on a holy day brought them bad luck, were outraged with her plans of staging her Sticky and Sweet gig in the capital Sofia on August 29, the day Orthodox Christians mark the beheading of Saint John the Baptist with a fast.

But, even after protests, she refused to reschedule the date, and religious leaders are now convinced her defiance of their sacred customs led to the disaster on Macedonia`s Lake Ohrid. `The catastrophe in Macedonia in which 15 Bulgarian citizens died was a sign from heaven, the Daily Express quoted church leader Nikolay, in the city of Plovdiv, close to Sofia, as having told Britain`s Daily Telegraph."

Madonna loves to push the envelope, and it`s not surprising that she has been blamed for everything from corrupting youth to blaspheming the Catholic Church.

Madonna is not responsible for the downward spiral of Western Civilization, but she is guilty of making leotards popular, and for that I will never forgive her.

Madonna performed on a day sacred to the Bulgarian Orthodox church, in spite from pleas from church officials to reschedule her concert.

A boating accident that killed 15 people happened on that day, and now church officials are blaming Madonna. The superstition and stupidity of religious leaders never ceases to amaze me. I don`t think any deity would kill 15 people because Madonna sang "Like a Virgin" on a holy day.

Unless the captain of the boat was looking at a picture of Madonna`s evil-looking hands when the vessel capsized, there in no way that she was responsible for the tragedy.