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Published:September 13th, 2009 19:17 EST
Ellen DeGeneres Should Have Turned Down American Idol Gig

Ellen DeGeneres Should Have Turned Down American Idol Gig

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Ellen DeGeneres is known for being nice. But the new `American Idol` judge says she`s tough enough to be honest with the show`s contestants.

DeGeneres will join `American Idol` as the fourth judge when the show returns for its ninth season in January. The seat opened up when Paula Abdulresigned in the midst of a contract dispute.

DeGeneres, who signed a five-year deal with `Idol,` will continue with her daytime talk show."

The 51-year-old talk show host and stand-up comic should have turned down the American Idol offer. DeGeneres is a gazillionaire thanks to her talk show and residuals from her situation comedies -- she doesn`t need the extra income. The American Idol producers should have chosen an up-an-comer as the new judge.

I agree that Ellen DeGeneres won`t have any problem being tough, it`s almost impossible for a stand-up comic to be a nice person. Rosie O`Donnell was proclaimed as the "Queen of Nice" when she had her talk show, but she turned out to be one of the most vicious women on the face of the Earth.

The problem isn`t that DeGeneres won`t be tough enough, the problem is that she will be too preoccupied trying to be funny.

DeGeneres will be an unqualified disaster as a judge on American Idol, she`s awkard and will have a difficult time interacting with the other judges.

American Idol fans should demand that DeGeneres be booted from the popular show.