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Published:September 14th, 2009 11:41 EST
Kanye West Acts The Fool At VMAs

Kanye West Acts The Fool At VMAs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"And then near the end of the show, in a gracious act of kindness, video-of-the-year winner Beyoncé offered young country music star Taylor Swift a second chance to say her piece with an acceptance speech.

The moment came after Kanye West took everyone by surprise early in the show when he went onstage to interrupt Swift`s acceptance speech for best female video for You Belong With Me.

West grabbed the microphone from Swift and said to her `Taylor, I`m really happy for you, and I`m gonna let you finish, but,` and West then declared that Beyoncé, who had also been listed as a nominee in the category for Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), `had one of the best videos of all time.` Camera shots showed both women looking startled. Swift was then hurried off the stage without finishing her speech."

The rock and rap oriented MTV seldom recognizes country artists, and Taylor Swift was surprised and elated to win an award. But the young country star`s joy was short-lived, Kanye West who has a history of making a jackass out of himself, ruined her moment of glory.

In my opinion MTV secretly hopes that Kanye West will make a fool out of himself -- his selfish antics drive up the ratings. But Kanye`s act is getting old, and this time he turned a young lady`s fantasy into a nightmare.

Kanye West who calls every white person a racist, is the real racist. He couldn`t bear the thought of a white country singer beating out Beyonce for the prestigious award.

West may be a jerk, but Beyonce is a lady with talent and class. Beyonce`s act of kindness in offering Swift a chance to finish her acceptance speech was the most heartwarming moment in the show.

You overcome evil with good, and Beyonce`s gracious act made us forget Kanye`s stupidity, vanity and selfishness, if only for a moment.

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