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Published:September 17th, 2009 15:47 EST
Newlywed Game Goes Gay

Newlywed Game Goes Gay

By Robert Paul Reyes


"GSN is boldly going where no Newlywed Game has gone before.

Star Trek`s George Takei, he of the mean Jon Gosselin impression, and partner Brad Altman will be the first same-sex couple ever to participate in the game show when the cable net airs a celebrity edition later this season." Read more

"The Newlywed Game" has been on TV since 1967, Bob Eubanks was the original host, but Carney Wilson has been hosting the show since last year.

"This perennial game show is the epitome of middle-class blandness and conformity, it celebrates family values, marriage, and washers and dryers

I haven`t watched "The Newlywed Game in decades, I prefer edgier fare. It`s quite a surprise that this popular game show is going to feature its first homosexual couple. This is truly a landmark achievement in gay rights, finally a gay couple has the opportunity to look foolish by answering inane questions before a national audience.