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Published:September 18th, 2009 12:25 EST
Video: Lady Gaga's Controversial MTV Performance

Video: Lady Gaga's Controversial MTV Performance

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Anti-suicide advocates have slammed Lady Gaga`s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, blasting her for "romanticizing suicide" with her gory stage performance of song "Paparazzi."

The singer stunned the star-studded audience with her most bizarre stage act to date, dancing with crutches alongside a wheelchair-bound performer while blood poured down her bare mid-riff.

She was then surrounded by her dancers, who acted as if to mourn her death, before her lifeless and blood-spattered body was pulled up from the stage on a winch as the curtain came down on the stage."

Lady Gaga probably spends more time devising crazy new stunts and deciding what to wear, than she does composing songs and practicing for her performances.

A fake suicide as performance art is exploitative and tasteless, and the anti-suicide advocates were right to condemn Lady Gaga. Many marginal personalities are attracted by Lady Gaga`s quirky and outrageous persona, and one or two of them might have been influenced to commit suicide after watching their idol`s performance.

Lady Gaga explained that her controversial performance represented her private life being killed by the paparazzi. This from a artist who goes out of her way to attract the attention of the media.

Celebrities have a lot of influence on young people, and it`s incumbent on them not to say or do anything that might have an adverse impact on their devoted fans. Shame on Lady Gaga!