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Published:September 21st, 2009 23:00 EST
"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" Invites Applications From Producers

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" Invites Applications From Producers

By SOP newswire2

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is a romantic thriller of espionage and adventure in Stockholm archipelago, by Askin Ozcan, a new popular author.

Its details can be viewed at :

It has aroused interest internationally and its reviews appeared in the U.S.A (, ...

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" has found an excellent film director, Prof. Eduardo Coronado,
who has previously taught film in the Film School, Lodz, Poland and has been assistant to the late Kieslowski in all his nine films.

We are now looking for a producer. Ample exposure to Stockholm City, in the film, as well as many advertising positions, are expected to bring significant revenues to ease the cost of production. Moreover we are in contact with sources and may be able to secure, free cameras, free film and lab and personnel, to bring the cost of production to the very minimum. However, we need a producer or co-producers to contribute to the financing.

We are also looking for actors / actresses preferably interested in playing in the film without
payment or with payment if our budget will permit.

This can be a great film of adventure, espionage and romance, music and humor, popular globally.

The novelette can be purchased from the publisher  (
as well as from 200 internet bookshops including,,,,,,, ,,,,,  under the author`s name or the book`s title and
through 25.000 bookstores globally, upon giving its ISBN :  978-1-4363-9414-7 (Xlibris)

"THE MINI-SUBMARINE" is distributed globally by the world`s biggest book wholesaler :  

Interested parties are invited to contact us through Judyth Piazza at

Author. Has six published titles in the U.S.A. Also many articles published internationally. Currently write at,,,