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Published:September 24th, 2009 10:58 EST
New Michael Jackson Song To Be Released: The King Lives!

New Michael Jackson Song To Be Released: The King Lives!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A new single that Michael Jackson recorded before his death will be released next month.

This Is It comes out on October 12 with backing vocals on the song coming from MJ`s brothers.

The song will be released before a film and soundtrack album of the same name are out later in the month." Read More

This is the opening salvo of an onslaught of new Michael Jackson material, and I predict the new single will be a hit. Michael Jackson fans are starved for anything from the King of Pop, even if flubs and outtakes were packaged as a new CD it would sell very well.

The pop charts are dominated by mindless rap music, and people are hungry for real music. The Thriller`s music is as real as it gets, and I would buy his new single without having listened to it first.

MTVinforms us that the new single was recorded "before his death", if a new single emerges that was recorded after Jackson`s death it would be the biggest record of all time.

The "This Is It" double disc album will feature one disc of the King of Pop`s greatest hits, and a second CD of unreleased versions of classic tracks.