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Published:September 27th, 2009 15:33 EST
Mika: Lady Gaga Doesn't Have Man Parts

Mika: Lady Gaga Doesn't Have Man Parts

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Technicolor tunesmith Mika has paddled into the Lady Gaga gender debate by announcing his eccentric pop pal is all WOMAN.

Mika, whose new album `The Boy Who Knew Too Much` is out now, said: `She doesn`t have a p*nis. She came to my house in her underwear and I saw no hint of a p*nis.`

`She thought it was appropriate attire. She can get away with it. She knows what she`s doing. She ain`t no fool. She`s brilliant.`

He added: `I think she`s a good role model for girls. She plays with sex and makes it unsexy on purpose - so outrageous it`s approachable.`" Read More

What better way for an unknown performer to garner publicity than to wade into the Lady Gaga gender controversy? By giving us his biased opinion of his pal`s gender identity, maybe the UK singer will sell a dozen more copies of his new album.

It was superfluous for Mike to inform us that Lady Gaga came to his house sans pants, it`s questionable if the pantless wonder will don a dress for her wedding.

Mika is right about one thing: Lady Gaga makes sex unsexy. There is nothing sexy about Lady Gaga`s drag queen outfits.

Robert Paul Reyes is a News writer on Politics, Pop Culture and Pointless Pontificating.