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Published:September 27th, 2009 15:52 EST
Newsflash: Paris Hilton Buys A Book

Newsflash: Paris Hilton Buys A Book

By Robert Paul Reyes


"While shopping for books (seriously, she was), Paris Hilton`s bright pink princess Barbie Bentley was the recipient of a parking ticket.

How many of those do you think she`s received over the years? We`re thinking the total is the number of men she`s been linked to multiplied by Pi." See Photo Here

The paparazzi get hundreds of opportunities to snap pics of Paris Hilton shopping, drinking or taking illicit substances. But it`s not often they get a chance to photograph her buying a book.

But don`t worry the stars are not out of alignment, the pop tart wasn`t exactly purchasing a weighty tome about a serious subject. The pop diva bought a book by Louis Vuitton.

Paris Hilton`s pink Bentley is an aesthetic nightmare, it should have been ticketed and towed away. Come to think of it, Paris Hilton should be towed away to a prison somewhere (anywhere).