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Published:September 29th, 2009 13:03 EST
Lady Gaga Named Billboard's Rising Star Of 2009

Lady Gaga Named Billboard's Rising Star Of 2009

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga`s star still rising: Already famous enough to roll around in fake blood at the MTV Video Music Awards while singing "Paparazzi," Lady Gaga nonetheless will be honored as "Rising Star" at the 2009 Billboard Women in Music event Friday in New York." Read more

The runner up may demand that Lady Gaga be forced to undergo gender testing, it`s still an open question if Lady Gaga is a lady, a man, or a hermaphrodite.

Lady Gaga doesn`t deserve to be the Rising Female or Male Star, she`s all flash and no substance. Her music may make you want to just dance, but you forget her songs as soon as you leave the club.

At the same event Beyonce will be honored as "Woman of the Year", it`s an indisputable fact that Beyonce is talented and all woman.

Lady Gaga may have sold a gazillion records this year, but the talentless Britney Spears has accomplished the same feat for many years. The Billboard awards should reward artistic achievement, and not marketing savvy.

Lady Gaga so not Rising Star of 2009, female or otherwise!